The Corona Effect in The Middle East Politics

The Corona Outbreak, which affected the region and the world since March, will soon have important political and military consequences. After these days, we will talk about two periods as Before Corona and After Corona. The Middle East and the World will witness a significant change in the next decade, After Corona.. From the point of view of the Middle East, the most important effects of this are for Russian and Iranian politics: Iran is…

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"The Corona Effect in The Middle East Politics"

Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel

The Middle East Conference, held in Warsaw, Poland, on February 13, 2019, launched an historic period between Israel and the Saudi Coalition. The conference was a result of the US’s attempt to establish a Middle East Alliance against Iran. Speaking at the conference meal, US Vice President Pence said:: “I believe we are beginning a new era, With prime minister Netanyahu from the state of Israel, with leaders from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE…

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"Saudi Arabia and Emirates close ranks with Israel"

Qatar or Gas?

Those who are engaged in a bargaining battle behind the closed doors, know well that the problem is not Qatar or Terror. If the main problem was terrorism: – Would the US and the PKK Terrorist Organization be partners? – Did PYD or Assad deal with Daesh Terrorist Organization? – Would the United States, England, and Jordan set up Daesh in the Royal Special Forces Camps? – Could not the US which was found Laden,…

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"Qatar or Gas?"

If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!

In these days, there are games in the game in the Middle East War. Obama is gone and the bombed actions are over in Turkiye; but with Trump becoming the president, the battle of sovereignty and intelligence has entered a new phase in the region. Now, let’s do some mental exercises, although nevertheless some people perceive it as a conspiracy. Obama was the servant of British Ecole. The US is not governed by the presidents,…

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"If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!"

New Afghanistan in the Middle East!

Afghanistan was one of the most significant factors which led to collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States had organized Islamists in the region to break the Soviet occupation and they had also ended the occupation. However, not only Russians were defeated in Afghanistan but also the United States which found the largest Islamic organizations such as Hizb Al-Islam and Jamaat Al-Islam, later Taliban against Russia, which did not succeed. Now a New Afghanistan…

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"New Afghanistan in the Middle East!"