Provocations of Russian Intelligence Service, Syrian Mukhabarat, PKK and DHKP-C

The terrorist organization DHKP-C was at the head of the provocateurs who were infiltrated among innocent demonstrators in the protests which had been happening during the Gezi protests and the events happening on the funeral of Berkin Elvan who was injured in those protests.

The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party–Front is a Marxist-Leninist organization and it has been supported by Russian, Syrian and Iranian Intelligence Services for many years. The goal of these organizations is to drag Turkiye into chaos and conflict environment. Now, let’s give some details.

DHKP-C’s base is The Revolutionary Left Organization which was founded by Soviet Intelligence against the NATO in 1978. Dursun Karatas had established The Revolutionary Left Organization (Devrimci Sol) based on armed attacks after separating from The Revolutionary Way Organization. Dev-Sol did subcontracting to Russian Secret Service many times. It assassinated Hiram Abas who was MIT’s successful Deputy Undersecretary on 26th September 1990. The organization’s name was changed to DHKP-C by Karatas in Damascus, Syria, in 1994.

During these years, the PKK terrorist organization which had massacred thousands of people –including civilian women, children and teachers-, was in a big slump. Thus, Russian Intelligence had new plans to destabilize Turkiye and NATO’s objectives. On one hand, with the cooperation of German and Iranian intelligence, while Turkish Hezbollah was placing in the areas where PKK had lost power, on the other hand new leftist armed groups which will be managed from Syria were founded with some militants recruited from Turkish Left organizations.  Here DHKP-C was established in Damascus in this environment and with the support of these countries. The terror homes were established by Syrian Mukhabarat in apartments at Mezze neighborhood of Damascus.  Firstly, militants who were brought from Turkiye had been trained in the political sense and then they had been trained about weapons and explosives training in the camps on the route of Damascus to Lebanon, in centers of organizations in Sidon and in the South Lebanon. After the organization had proven itself with terrorist attacks, it decided to cooperate with the PKK terrorist organization. Also, the Cooperation Protocol was signed between DHKP-C Organization and Abdullah Ocalan who was the leader of the PKK terrorist organization, in Damascus, at the end of 1996.

DHKP-C’s another area as comfortable as in the Middle East was the European countries. Greece Secret Service (EYP) had provided border crossing, shelter and supported financial structure of this organization since the establishment of it. French Secret Service (DHS) was the most important protector of the organization in Europe. DHKP-C had a contact center in Anjar town where Armenian Asala terrorist organization was established. The Lebanon headquarter of Syrian Mukhabarat was in this town. For this reason, militants and possibilities remained from Asala in Europe had been put under DHKP-C’s service. Iranian and Armenian Intelligence Services were an important element of support for the Organization. The Terrorist Organization had established terror homes in eastern provinces such as Artvin.

DHKP-C has carried out many armed attacks towards Turkish Military and Police Stations and the United States objectives since it was founded. The being martyred of two gendarmerie in Provincial Gendarmerie Command of Istanbul in September 1995, The murder of Ozdemir Sabanci who is one of the best businessmen in Turkiye and two other people in Sabanci Center in 1996 were between major attacks of the organization. Thus, Mustafa Duyar who is one of the perpetrators of the murder fled to Greece from Marmaris, then to Germany and France, finally to Syria. When he scared from pressures of the organization, he wanted to pass PKK terrorist organization. But, he was delivered to Turkish Embassy in Damascus in December 1996, because the Cooperation Protocol did not permit to passing militants between organizations. He was killed by the gang of Nuri Ergin in Afyon Prison, in February 1999.

DHKP-C reduced the number of its attacks from 2001 until 2012. With Syrian crisis, the organization began to re-act after September 2012. Particularly, they attacked to Police stations. They carried out attacks to the United States Embassy in Ankara on 1 February 2013, the Justice and Development Party headquarters and the Ministry of Justice on 19 March 2013, the building of the General Directorate of Security in Ankara on 21 September 2013. DHKP-C had a significant share with Syrian Mukhabarat in the Reyhanli Bombings, killed 66 people.

DHKP-C is trying to establish dominance especially among the youth who is Alevi (Shiia) origin in recent years. It is doing important works in Antakya, Turkiye and in Latakia, Syria. It maintains close ties with the PKK terrorist organization and it is performing common actions. The PKK terrorist organization provides an important support to DHKP-C. They tried to use both Gezi Protests and Berkin Elvan funeral.

Russia has confiscated Crimea after Ukraine crisis. It has reduced its military presence in Tartus and Latakia ports, Syria and it has focused its attention to the Black Sea. Therefore, it wants to seduce the Kurdish separatists in order to avoid dealing with the Assad government in Syria. Indeed, Russia had formed a secret alliance between the PKK and the Assad forces in Haseki region and it had also built nonaggression pact between them. Russia supports the PKK presence in North Syria and helps the region.

Following the local elections of March 30, increasing of Civil Disobedience and Local Independence Actions by the PKK terrorist organization have been expected. Along with last evacuated, KCK detainees that are the parallel state of the PKK terrorist organization, will also be released. In this confusing process, DHKP-C is attempting to infiltrate the protests and it is doing provocations to create a staging environment.

These organizations also are expending great effort to be involved MHP’s youth and Grey Wolves –Nationalist Youth Organization- in the conflicts. On the contrary, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli is warning in his each election speech about “Young people should be stay off the streets”. Grey Wolves Organization said in its statement today: “They are not in these conflicts and will not be. Today’s conflicts that is killed Burakcan Karamanoglu were between pro-DHKP-C people and 1453 Group that is pro-AK Party.”

At this point, we should be vigilant against terrorist organizations who want to convert the political response of the community into chaos and conflict. Also we need to inform our environment and especially our young people against the PKK and DHKP-C’s games and provocations.

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