Iran should not betray Turkiye!

Iran has stopped a big civil uprising no longer ago than last month. Many people lost their lives during the rebellions and it was apparently one of the last acts of the Arab Spring Plan. Turkiye has a very important share in the salvation of Iran from this period of chaos. If Turkiye has not recommended lull to Turks in Iran, the fire already would grow. As it is known, in the beginning and success of the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, there were the pioneering and support of Turks and Turkish Ayatollahs. In the meantime, the most important person who prevented the execution of Khomeini in 1963 was Tabrizian Shariat Madari, who could also be perceived as a Turkish Nationalist.

Khomeini, whom everyone showed as a symbol of Shiite radicalism, was actually Turkish and Sunni friends. He had never forgotten the days of exile and memories of Bursa in Turkiye; even in France was protected for a while by the Turkish intelligence. Khomeini who sympathizes the Hanafi school (which can be clearly seen in his Shia concise manual of Islamic faith), has also made great efforts to ensure the Shia Sunni closeness.

Although the information is misrepresented in Turkish and World public, the beginning of Iranian radicalism is after Khomeini. Particularly with the arrival of the administrators belonging to the German school, the idea of ​​the Iranian expansion was revived. Since the 1990s, German intelligence service, has rebuilt the Intelligence and Security agencies on Iran and structuring of Hezbollah in Turkiye and the Middle East reached the summit. On the other hand, Iran strained every nerve about the establishing an Iranian school in Turkey, spent coins and published books. The post-Khomeini radicals in Iran have almost erased the Turks from the key points of the State.

Despite all this negativity, Turkey did not betray Iran and disrupt neighborly relations. It is clear that Iran accepted Iraq and Syria as areas of natural protection and expansion. Turkey’s support in strengthening the central governments and the stabilization of Iraq and Syria is vital. Indeed, the Government of Iraq suppressed Barzani’s revolt and independence and gained a decisive victory against the terror organization dais with the support of Turks and Turkiye.

Despite Turkey’s friendship and good neighborly efforts, the Turkish hostility of some radicals in Iran persists. These radicals betrayed both Khomeini and the Jafaria sect. The radical groups that they think they are fighting against their enemies actually serve the interests of Israel, the United States and Germany. Some commanders and intelligence chiefs, especially those who direct radical groups, are in close cooperation with western intelligence agencies. Immediately after 1988, these relations have played a role in allocating training camps along the border with Turkey by the PKK terror organization. The moving of Iranian intelligence agents freely in Europe, the Gulf, and even the United States is the result of this cooperation. The most effective western intelligence service on Lebanese Hezbollah is the German BND. The French DGSE, now flirting with the CIA, is very relaxed in South Beirut and Lebanon under Hezbollah’s control. In addition, MOSSAD is constantly working to spread instability in the region by provoking radicals in Iran.

Iran’s Political Leaders should monitor well Radical Managers in their security and intelligence agencies. Iranian society is still a bomb ready to explode. Foreign Intelligence Services are constantly fueling threats, oppression, torture and internal hostility through collaborators within the Iranian Security Institutions.

Turkiye never want that Iran drag to brutal civil war. Turkiye has largely solved its security problems and it is a powerful country. On the other hand, Iran’s security weakness and military power are weakening day by day.

The Iranian government should take control of Radical Managers within the Military and Security Institutions as soon as possible. These Radicals are pursuing Turkish – Iranian friendship. Turkiye is uncomfortable being seen as occupiers in Iraq by the Central Government. The extension of Kirkuk – Ceyhan Pipe Line is delayed due to Iranian radicals.

In short, Iran should not betray Turkiye. This will be very heavy price.

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