If you lose Turkiye you lose the Middle East!

In these days, there are games in the game in the Middle East War. Obama is gone and the bombed actions are over in Turkiye; but with Trump becoming the president, the battle of sovereignty and intelligence has entered a new phase in the region.

Now, let’s do some mental exercises, although nevertheless some people perceive it as a conspiracy. Obama was the servant of British Ecole. The US is not governed by the presidents, it is governed by their surrounding team and the interests group behind it. Trump is a German-American. The regions in which Trump won the vote are regions where the German origins (55% of them) are concentrated. You will understand, Germans which had lost the American Civil War to the British years ago, finally won the Deep War and the Gehlen Team took over. Britain who had already taken the decision of Brexit with the German game and heroically left from the European Union. She is down like a spare prick at a wedding. There is no alternative from Turkiye and Russia.

On the other hand, things are not quite right. Putin was one of Gehlen’s next-generation Odessa students and the future background organizer of the East German Intelligence Service (Stasi). Although Putin was strengthened by Germany with Ukraine’s half and Crimea as a gift, rules Russia in balance with the Russian Oligarchs (Jewish Riches). Likewise, Russian intellectuals (deeply Armenian & Jewish as Lavrov) have effective control over foreign policy. The shadow president looks like Lavrov behind Putin; Just like Pence (the German Irish and the emissary of the Reich IV) in the back of Trump.

The Lavrov Team entered a dangerous game in North Syria due to the bilateral talks between Erdogan & Trump and Binali (Turkish Prime Minister) & Pence, also by the visit of CIA President Pompeo (Italian American). On the one hand, while they leading the Assad Army to Al-Bab, on the other hand Russian war planes hit Turkish headquarters and killed three soldiers. In additions to these, firstly it was said that an agreement was made on the transfer of some strategic regions such as Menag Air Base, TelRifat (in the east of Efrin) which will be target of Turkiye, from SDF to Assad Army. On Turkiye’s reaction, this agreement denied by SDF after a day. Following Lavrov’s two-faced politics, Turkiye and Ukraine decided that using internal passports while travelling within these countries before summer.

Although the relations between Turkiye and the new US Administration (German & Irish & Italian Alliance) will be good, but Turkiye which was betrayed by Germany in the first world war, will be very careful in every step of this way. No doubt, The United State can be persuaded about PKK and PYD Terrorist Organizations in the Northern Syria against Russian Federation which established the PKK Terrorist Organization in Syria at the end of the 1970s, protected it for years and still does not consider it as a terrorist organization.

The most important issue in the coming days is that the combination of the Sunni Opposition which is divided from the middle after the formation of the Tahrir Al Sham (Organization for the Liberation of the Levant) in Syria.

If the Pentagon who falls hard times in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, does not want to lose the Middle East, it should win Turkiye. Putin and Turkish Origin Group in Duma should give importance to the friendship of Turkiye. Apart from all these, Germany has to give up its betrayal against Turkiye and no longer allow its country and Belgium to be the PKK and FETO Terrorist Organizations Base.

Turkiye has a lot of options. Turkey is the cornerstone in this region and it cannot be moved to the right or to the left. Wherever it gives its weight, they will win. Those who want to win in the region should think well.

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