Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!

The civil war which has been happening in Syria in recent years has begun to spread to Iraq in recent days. Also Chaos has spread beyond all of the southern border of Turkey. New actors have appeared in the region following the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in 2012. While Russia tries to stay close to the PKK Kurdish groups, Saudi Arabia is supporting the Sunnis. Barzani is still under the control of the Israeli and…

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"Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!"

Russia is painting the Green Belt of the United States to red!

The Second Green Belt Organization of the United States which had organized Islamic countries against Russia and China since 1950’s ended in failure. Because, The United States took amiss the Green Belt of NATO as Islamist Belt, ruined its traditional supporters and allies in the region and lost them. Nowadays, a big threat has developed in the Middle East: The Red Belt of Russia. Russia has been painting the Green Belt of the United States…

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"Russia is painting the Green Belt of the United States to red!"

Middle East War Ready!

The U.S. and the West’s Middle East objectives were clear that are firstly to bring down Syria and then Iran with help of the Kurdish Alliance in the region. Israel’s greatest fear was announced: Iran will have nuclear weapons before entering the 2013 summer season. Unfortunately, the U.S. and the West’s plans are not going as expected as in for Iraq and Afghanistan. The Syrian rebellion which lasted for almost two years could not achieve…

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"Middle East War Ready!"

Political Islamists Turkish Foreign Policy

Everybody knows that the aggressive policies of the Zionist government of Israel and watching for years. Conservative Jews emigrated to Israel in the whole world, and Israeli society is becoming more and more religious. Liberal Jews are leaving the country and settling in the rich world. Because this, the Israeli government is getting more and more conservatives. As is the case, we should not be surprised that they do. Actually, to be surprised is that…

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"Political Islamists Turkish Foreign Policy"