The US Policy Strengthens Russia and Iran!

Iran has been proclaimed as the biggest enemy by the United States since the 1980s. The fact remains that no US military operation would not hurt Iran until now. On the contrary, countries and groups which are against Iran were damaged due to US policies in the region.

The Taliban Movement in Afghanistan was established by the United States. The Taliban was Iran’s biggest fear. It damaged Iran’s influence along the common border. When Taliban argued against petroleum pipelines of the United States, it has become the biggest enemy of US. Any operation of the United States against The Taliban slightly strengthened Iran’s İnfluence in Asia.

The United States had supported Saddam’s attacks against Iran in 1980 and against Gulf countries in 1990. The US had continued arms sales to Iran via Israel. Neither Iran nor Iraq could not win the war. Hundreds of thousands of people died and the war caused billions of dollars in damage. The United States also had turned a blind eye to Saddam’s Attacks against Kurds in North, Shiites and Kuwait in South in the 1990s.

After the Taliban and Saddam turned into big threats, the United States occupied Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US has spread the fear of Iran to both the regional countries and the world for years. It has imposed sanctions against Iran since 1980s and forced its allies to accept it. These sanctions caused great harm to the regional economies. Meanwhile, some European countries, such as Germany, improved the cooperation with Iran even though sanctions. Gulf Arab countries made billions of dollars in arms deals with the United States for fear of Iran.

The invasion of Iraq did not cause significant harm to Iran. On the contrary, Iran strengthened both Iraq and Syria more than ever. The military and political cooperation between Iran, Iraq and Syria came out on top. Iran trained Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria. Hezbollah organizations in Gulf and regional countries won major events directly linked to Ayatullah Al Uzma. Iranian Intelligence Service formed new militia forces from Bahrain to Yemen.

Iran has developed the defense industry of Syria and founded the missile factories. Together they performed works about nuclear and chemical weapons, uranium enrichment activities. Iranian Special Forces fought on all fronts for the Assad government in Syrian civil war.

Today the United States is repeating what they did in Afghanistan in 1990. The US cut off communication with all Sunni groups in Syria and Iraq. While the United States is supporting the PKK and PYD terrorist groups in Aynularab (Kobane) in northern Syria, it is staying silent against Assad forces that have been continuing their attacks against civilians in Aleppo and other Syrian cities. Ahrar Esh Sham and Nusra Front which have no military action against the US and Israel, are coming under attacks of the Coalition aircraft every day. The United States is inflaming the Islamist threat at the region, rather than trying to compromise with these groups.

As if there is a secret alliance between the US, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia against the Sunni groups in the region. Israel, on the one hand, is unmerciful against Palestinian groups, on the other hand it is having spring air with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. While the United States and Israel are seeing Iran’s nuclear facilities as a big threat, they are not even aware of nuclear warhead missile that can be taken from Damascus. Iran has been continuing its works in Syria against Israel’s potential military operation. Indeed the CIA and MOSSAD teams have killed 5 Syrian and Iranian physicist in an assassination in Damascus the other day.

Although the United States and Israel spread Iran Fear, they are helping Russia and Iran policies. Iran’s influence is getting stronger with each day from Tehran to Beirut.

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