The Opposition merges, Russia has difficulty in Syria!

After the two-faced policies of the United States that carries on the Middle East long decades, with the entering of Russia to Syrian War directly, the balances changed in the region. US lost the street credit and the initiative passed into the hands of Russia.

Russia’s air operations have created a great fear in Syria, especially around Aleppo and accelerated the migration from the region. Russia is using high explosive bombs in a attempt to create a great fear like ISIL. World public opinion thought that the rule will be passed to Russia and its allies (Assad and Iran) and the opposition groups would be cleared as soon as. However, the situation was not at all as expected. Neither Russian Air Operations nor Iranian Special Forces could not change the balance last month. The attacks of Russia and its allies, which were carried out in Hama, Homs and Aleppo, was repelled by the dissidents. A large number of army tanks and armored vehicles of Assad Army are destroyed and both Assad Army and Iranian Special Forces gave great casualties, many soldiers and Iranian officers killed.

Russia’s air operations prompted the dozens opposition groups, which fight independently from each other at different points, to define new strategies. Many groups gathered under the same roof and created large armies. Some important dissidents in Idlib and Aleppo (Abu Amara, Wa’tasimu, Tevhidu’l Asima, Marty Colonel Ahmad Omar and Binaa Umma) joined to Ahraru’s Sham Group. In southern Syria, 25 groups have joined under the umprella of the Free Syrian Army. Meanwhile, Al-Nusra Front carried out merger negotiations with some groups within the ISIL (ISIS). Muslim Shishani (it is a codename, in the meaning of A Muslim from Chechnya) who is the leader of an important Caucasian group which engaged in major operations in Aleppo, said that some Caucasians within ISIL think to move to Syrian opposition groups. Shishani also said: “We resisted with 2 thousand fighters against 200 thousand Russian army in Chechnya. Here our number is more (4 thousand by the Russian Secret Service) and this land is not Russian territory. We have a score to settle with Russians. We are waiting new mujahedins from the Caucasus.”

Syrian Dissidents conquered quickly the fear caused by Russia. A Historical Enemy which is non Muslim, increased the struggle of warring factions and united them.

In short, Russia saw that it can not get an important result with only air attacks and Assad & Iran’s Ground War can not gain a victory. For this reason, Russia has stepped up its political activities for a Transition Plan with Assad. This notwithstanding, it started talks with the PKK & PYD Terrorist Organizations, to save Assad Management which has come to the point of nearly destroyed.

The PKK & PYD Terrorist Organizations which have been continuing ties with Assad Management, come out its counterfeiter by doing hither and thither. Despite US pressure, PYD could not get along with Barzani Peshmergas and spearheaded the revolts against Barzani in Iraq.

Now The United States is even more desperate by virtue of its wrong Middle East policies pursued despite Turkey’s warnings. The Middle East is mainly an Arab homeland although Turks, Kurds and other peoples lived in there. The living of a people who is not unfriendly with Arabs, is impossible. This region is very large for Kurdish separatists who think themselves heroes with makeshift weapons in their hands. The friendships in the region are not strong. Iranian Army which thinks that the place will come to it in the future, plants mine in Mahabad for a long time. Iran on the one hand while fighting in the Middle East, on the other hand it is in the economic crisis and wants 5 billion credit from Russia. Russia does not have an economic power will conduct a long war without the Gulf Capital.

As a result those who do not have this land, will not be permanent in the region.

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