U.S.A. and NATO’s Next Ten-Years

We have completed ten years of U.S. and NATO’s new policies beginning with 11 September 2001. The events and experiences in ten years give us important hints. We hope that USA and the Pentagon leaders managing NATO should examine this view coming from Islamic world

If we take a look at history; U.S. and NATO had become a major party in the Middle East and Asia, after World War II. In these dates, Islamic World Policies of the United Kingdom, France and Germany which started in the 1800s were completely broke. The Industrialization and the need for raw material and the controlling of trade routes and oil fields lead European countries into the idea of colonialism. Neither the enlightenment philosophy of Britain which is basic of modern democracy, nor thoughts of France’s renaissance and Germany’s dialectic were not move to new world. Imperialism killed all good ideas and philosophies generated by humanity.

Great Britain has caused riots, chaos and occupations in the Islamic countries toward India and the Far East after 1800s. While the U.K. was directly fighting with Germany, on the other hand it was disqualified France in the Middle East. Also it had won a victory during the American civil war and the establishment of the United States.

The success of the British in the Islamic world did not occur long-term and permanent such as in North America. The time of between the First World War and the Second World War was a withdrawal period of the United Kingdom and France from the Islamic World. The most important event that starts the retirement was the Dardanelles and the National Struggle under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

In Fact, Ataturk was selected as biggest enemy of the U.K. in the history according to polling described by the British National Army Museum this month.  However, the assessment commission has changed this order later for the interests of U.K.

The independence struggle of Ataturk became a reference for the Islamic countries and eastern nations. The countries which were occupied by European countries won their independence one by one until the Second World War.

After World War II, Britain lead to the United States which is its new and great ally for settle down to areas where was forced to withdraw.  Although Gehlen who is the chief of the German Secret Service established the construction of the U.S. intelligence against the Soviet Union; Britain’s contribution was important on the philosophy of World Domination of the United States.

20-year period between 1950–70 was the most difficult years of the cold war. An Islamic front was established against the Soviet Union by Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Egypt. Whereas Russia invaded Afghanistan in the 1970s and prepared the ground of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and upset the balance in favor of the West in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

Two of the largest project of U.S. and NATO were supporting for Islamic fighters in Afghanistan and September 12 Revolution against the Soviets. They want to stop the Russians in Afghanistan and the Iran in Gulf by supporting Sunni Islamism. The Russians were forced to end the occupation of Afghanistan. But the growing radical Islamism not only was a source of a significant threat for the Russians, but also for the United Sates and the West.

The next century policies of the U.S. which is living in a time of indecision in the face of Shiite and Sunni Islamism were uncertainty at this point. A short time, The U.S. accepted as a threat the Islamist organizations by the effect Israel. It cited the radical Islam for the invasion of Afghanistan and It has created blind excuses for the invasion of Iraq. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was a complete failure for U.S. and NATO.

In the 2000s, U.S. and NATO turned their back their allies which were worked together on the Islamic world during the half-century. They have lost their image of being a reliable ally. They formed alliances with dictators, clans, politicians, bureaucrats and even with terrorist organizations which were fostered by subsidies. They agreed permissible in every way for the petroleum sovereignty in the Greater Middle East.

The unscrupulous and ambiguous policies of the NATO and the U.S. continue today and they do not provide any benefit to western interests. Also they don’t provide any benefit to the Islamic world. There are the blood, tears and chaos Everywhere intervened by the U.S. and NATO. All the circles in the Muslim World were deeply troubled from this case and gradually increasing the hostility of the United States and the West. No one is happy in this situation but only leisured classes are happy. All communities have become hostile to the United States and NATO except for some bureaucrats supporting by the U.S. such as in Afghanistan and Pakistan. While the Sunni Islamist Leaders who ache to come to power establishing warm relations with the United States and Britain; even the religious people who are carrying the burden of economic and political uncertainty do not believe in good faith about the United States and the West. Also initially the circles that follow the U.S. and the West’s example see the United States as an enemy and hypocrite.

There are only three countries which have line their own pockets. China avoids being a party to political conflicts and focusing on economic growth. Russia benefits from the increase in oil prices and the increase in hostility to the United States. Iran becoming an important actor and a nuclear power in the Middle East.

The United States, Britain and the West are now in the process of decline. The distrust will increase to the West within the next ten years. While the sense of nationalism strengthening in circles which were a bridge between the West and the Islamic world the past half century; also the hostility will increase to the United States and NATO. The religious conflicts will arise in some countries which have stronger Islamist movements. The climate of tolerance between Muslims, Christians and Jews. NATO’s presence will be discussed in parallel with the increasing the U.S. hostility in Turkey. The separation of Turkey from NATO will come to order with the strengthening of the nationalist movements.

At this point, we have a suggestion for the United States Experts who analyzed 600-year domination of the Ottoman State and agreed it their role model: There are the basic human rights and the sense of justice that everyone does not decline today, on the basis of the theory of sovereignty of the Ottoman State. The ethnic and religious conflicts were not given support in the countries under the domination of Ottoman State. Those who have the idea of the Ottoman domination are the people themselves, are not the ruling class. The Ottoman rule did not support the dictators and it is not colonialist.

NATO policy on Bosnia and Herzegovina was appreciated by Muslims. The United States and NATO will not permanent in the Islamic lands As long as did not respect justice and peace. If this strategy continues; The United States will be forced to close the existing bases until 2030.

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