Muslim – Jewish Hostility and Turks

Until the 1950s, there was not a serious enmity between the Jewish and the Muslim communities. Jews and Muslims smoothly lived in the same country, same city and same neighborhood throughout history. There were Jewish quarters and synagogues where they had been able to worship in many Muslim countries. The Jews continued to exist even in Iran which is Israel’s greatest enemy today. The Jews freely traded in the Islamic world for centuries. Jewish cemeteries…

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"Muslim – Jewish Hostility and Turks"

USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies

The process of the attacking and slimming of the United States, began in 2003, was ended. Following the failure of the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Ukraine issues were knotted. Now The United States is taking lessons from its mistakes. One of the most important decisions of American General Staff is that fighting on two fronts at the same time is wrong. However, the global policy is continuing. Russia is resuming strengthening the…

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"USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies"

U.S.A. and NATO’s Next Ten-Years

We have completed ten years of U.S. and NATO’s new policies beginning with 11 September 2001. The events and experiences in ten years give us important hints. We hope that USA and the Pentagon leaders managing NATO should examine this view coming from Islamic world If we take a look at history; U.S. and NATO had become a major party in the Middle East and Asia, after World War II. In these dates, Islamic World…

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"U.S.A. and NATO’s Next Ten-Years"

Iran’s Nuclear Story

Nowadays, perhaps one of the most important issues of international politics is Iran‘s Nuclear Studies. The goal of Western alliance leading U.S., UK and Israel is to stop Iran‘s nuclear activities. we could clearly say that: Iran‘s real purpose as has nuclear weapons is to obtain immunity in the region and around the world. To say that “Iran‘s nuclear activities are only the peaceful purposes” only aims to save time. Alliance leading by United States…

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"Iran’s Nuclear Story"