Muslim – Jewish Hostility and Turks

Until the 1950s, there was not a serious enmity between the Jewish and the Muslim communities. Jews and Muslims smoothly lived in the same country, same city and same neighborhood throughout history. There were Jewish quarters and synagogues where they had been able to worship in many Muslim countries. The Jews continued to exist even in Iran which is Israel’s greatest enemy today. The Jews freely traded in the Islamic world for centuries. Jewish cemeteries still stand in Muslim cities as the most important evidence of this common life.

More importantly, many Turkish communities in history chose Judaism. The Khazars which is the western flank of Gokturks State established dominance in the region from Central Asia to the Caucasus and the Crimea from the A.D. 600s. Hazara Turks that believe in Sky God Religion, formally entered Judaism after A.D. 800s and they reigned until A.D. 1000s. Khazars that were ruled under the reign of the Russia for a time, fled to Europe after A.D. 1200s.[1] They met with Jewish immigrants living in France and Germany and Ashkenaz Judaism emerged.[2] However studies about Y chromosomes of Ashkenazi Jewish community verified that their origin based Turks not to Samis.[3] Today, 80 percent of the Jewish is Ashkenazi.[4]

Ashkenaz word was coming from Ashguazi which is the ancient name of Scythians (Saka Turks) that lived in the area from the Great Wall of China to the Danube River between B.D 800 and 200.[5] (5) Today, Karaite Jews (also Turks) in Poland, Lithuania and Crimea were based on the same origin.

Turkish presence was quite annoying for European countries especially for Germans all throughout the history. In the summer of 2010, the German Central Bank Executive Board Member Thilo Sarrazin told in his book Titled “Germany is Effacing Itself”, the book is a tirade of abuse against Muslim immigrants, spiced with social Darwinist prejudices and racist theories that recall the eugenics of the Third Reich.[6]

However, in the past, Ashkenazs who spread all over Europe and influenced from German culture and language, was the main enemy of the Germans. Famous Jewish author Leon Pinsker wrote in a brochure which was published in Germany in 1882, summed up this hostility as follows:

Since the Jew is nowhere at home, nowhere regarded as a native, he remains an alien everywhere. That he himself and his forefathers as well were born in the country does not alter this fact in the least. Generally, he is treated as an adopted child whose rights may be questioned, never is he considered a legitimate child of the fatherland. The German, proud of his Teutonic character, the Slav, the Celt, not one of them admits that the Semitic Jew is his equal by birth; and even if he be ready, as a man of culture, to admit him to all civil rights, he will never go as far as the Jew in this, his fellow citizen… To sum up what has been said: For the living, the Jew is a dead man; for the natives, an alien and a vagrant; for the property holders, a beggar; for the poor, an exploiter and a millionaire; for patriots a man without a country; for all classes, a hated rival.”[7]

Hostility towards Jews had increased in the 1900s and Theodor Herzl who is the leader of political Zionism and an Ashkenaz offered the Pope “Making Christian of Jews”. Herzl had told the following in his memories:

Anti-Semitism has grown and continues to grow and so do I. I can now recall two different formulations and solution of the question which occurred to me during those years. About two years ago I wanted to solve the Jewish question, at least in Austria, with the help of the Catholic Church. I wished to arrange for an audience with the Pope (not without first assuring myself of the support of the Austrian clerical powers) and say to him: “Help us against the anti-Semites and I will lead a great movement for the free and honorable conversion of Jews to Christianity.” Free and honorable, inasmuch as the leaders of this movement –myself in particular- would remain Jews, and as Jews would urge a conversion to the majority-faith. In broad day-light, on twelve o’clock of a Sunday, the exchange of faith would take place in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with solemn parade and the peer of bells. Not with shame, as sorry individuals have hitherto gone over, but with a proud gesture.[8]

However, any effort could not prevent this hostility of Europeans. Jews were treated like third class citizens. They were imprisoned in Ghettos. They were made freaks, shown with fingers. The only solution for them was to migrate to another country, especially to their homeland from Europe. Rabbi Yehuda Hai Alkalai who was the leaders of Jews in Europe, wrote as follows in 1843:

It is not impossible for us to carry out the commandment to return to the Holy Land.

The Sultan will not object, for His Majesty knows that the Jews are his loyal subjects. Difference of religion should not be an obstacle, for each nation will worship its own God and we will forever obey the Lord, our God. I ask of our brethren that they organize a company, on the mode of fire insurance companies and of the railroad companies. Let this company appeal to the Sultan to give us back the land of our ancestors in return for an annuel rent. Once the name of Israel is again applied to our land, all Jews will be inspired to help this company with all the means at their disposal.”[9]

Hence, Herzl met with the German King in Palestine and Istanbul and with Turkish Sultan Abdulhamid II in Istanbul, tried to purchase land in Palestine. The Sultan suggested Urfa region instead of Palestine. Some European Jews that despaired from Palestine, brought land in Uganda and thought of settling there. The United Kingdom combined Jews in the idea of “Return the Holy Land (Palestine)” with help the great Jewish bankers, because oil was found as a new source of energy and was understood that the largest oil reserves in the Ottoman lands, especially in Mosul. The biggest supporter of this idea was Rothschild family that is the Oil Emperor of Future. The family moved to Frankfurt in Germany and set up “The Caucasus and Black Sea Oil Industry and Trade Company”. The largest oil company Ducth Royal Shell which seized Azeri oil before Mosul oil in 1911, was still owned by the Rothschild Family.

As a result of the efforts of Rothschild, British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour sent the following letter, known as “Balfour Declaration”:

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur James Balfour”[10]

Thus, in the same year, the British army, commanded by Allenby, occupied Jerusalem. European Jews began to settle in Palestine in small groups by buying houses and farms. Meanwhile, the oil companies which was supported by Rothschild family, obtained oil operatorship in Mosul in 1914. In 1935, first major oil pipeline was built between Kirkuk and Haifa (Palestine).

At the end of the First World War, Germany also defeated along with the Ottoman Empire. Germany whose dreams were destroyed, decided to seize Europe and World War II started. Germans did not forget Jews that went back on them by agreement with the British. 400 thousand Jews as Semitic origin were able to escape from Germany. Nazis carried out the largest genocide in the world history and approximately five million Jews from Ashkenaz origin were massacred. (You can find documentary photos about Holocaust in NoWar page). In addition to this massacre, around 500 thousand gypsy were killed.

After the war, German officers who carried out massacres, fled to various countries of the world. Those who had settled in Egypt, lead to the spread and entrenchment of anti-Semitism in the Islamic world. German officers who became Muslim and took a name of Muslim, established close relationships with the Egyptian government and formed a lobby. However Colonel Anwar Sadat published a letter praising Hitler by the effort of this lobby. They established Institute for the Study of Zionism in Cairo in 1955. The directors of the Institute were Alfred Zingler who took name of Muhammed Salih, and Dr. Johannes Von Leers who took name of Umar Amin, who worked in the Goebel’s propaganda service. Their two assistants were Dr. Werner Witschale and Hans Appler (Salih Safar) who translated Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” to Arabic. In 1957, there were about two thousand former Nazi officers in Egypt. Chief of the Gestapo’s Jewish Department Erich Altern (Ali Bella) played very important role in the establishment of the Palestinian camps and the education of Palestinian militants. Indeed, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s philosophy and organizational structure were beared traces of Nazi theory.

Reinhard Gehlen, President of the German Military Intelligence, was one of the most important figures in the creation of the new world after World War II. When he saw that Germany would be defeated and the Russians could be have control all over Europe, he surrendered to the Americans in 1944. The importance of the documentation against the Russians, he kept in the Alps, was understood later. He restructured the U.S. Military Intelligence Service known as the OSS and formed CIA. While Gehlen one the hand was reconfiguring CIA and the intelligence services of NATO countries such as Turkiye, on the other hand he also preventing the deciphering of Nazi SS (ODESSA Organization) which was spread to the Islamic world. Gehlen organization played an important role in the establishment of Muhabarat organizations in Arabic countries, especially Syria and Iraq, in the employment of Nazi Germany scientists in Turkiye and Pakistan and in the development of arms industry in these countries. Although not our subject, let us note here that Nazi officers who spread to South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador laid the foundations of the opposition to the United States.

The most significant works of Nazi officers affecting the entire Muslim world was on the Muslim Brotherhood Organization. The Muslim Brotherhood was extremely moderate in the period of Hassan Al-Banna, founder this organization. Nazi proselytes also played a crucial role both in the murdering of Banna by Egyptian Intelligence Service in 1949 and in the radicalization of the Muslim Brotherhood after Banna. In 1952, the Muslim Brotherhood led the people’s movement against the British. With the coming to power of Nasser, former Nazi officers assumed counselling-position many important rolls in the government and army.

Both the Gehlen School in the CIA and Nazi proselytes in the Islamic world believed that is very important to establish close relationships with Islamic groups both in the Middle East as well as the Soviet Union and in Asia. Therefore, the German officers contributed greatly to the development of Islamist ideology and movements. However, Dr. Aribert Ferdinand Heim who is deciphered shortly before his death in Egypt, had made a great effort to develop of Radical Islamism. He learned Arabic and Quran and he had an important place as an educated Muslim.[11] Dr. Death’s son confessed in a letter that they had killed Ashkenazi Jews in Holocaust.

One of the most important work of Gehlen, while working in the CIA, was Sayyid Qutb who was studying in the United States between 1949 and 1951. Qutb with his books published after his return to Egypt have led to the radicalization of not only the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt but also the Islamist movements in all Islamic countries.

The Germans have not cut off communication today with the radical Islamist movements, from past. While the United States was in progress of Green Belt Project, the Germans formed a German School among the Islamic movements. National Vision Movement in Turkey and similar groups in Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have followed German School. However, after the reunification of the two Germanys in 1989, the revitalization of this school was accelerated. The Germans have developed their relations with Shiite movements alongside Sunni groups. Rafsanjani Team in Iran was the representative of the German school. After Khomeini, Iran Intelligence Service was restructured by Germany. The highest level of security and intelligence agreements were carried out between Iran and Germany governments.[12] German BND Organization was the best deal of western intelligence services with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Germany on one hand was developing the capacity of Iraq’s chemical weapons, while on the other hand made significant contributions to the industrialization of Iran. Siemens started to build the first nuclear power plant of Iran.

If we give a few significant examples about this subject, we can say that the Islamist groups which carried out September 11 attacks, had organized from ODESSA School. Mohammed Atta, the leader of Group, had studied in Germany for a while. Hitler’s Mein Kampf was translated in all Islamic countries and records were broken. In its prints in Turkey, Hitler’s remarks against the Turks was censored.

When the state of Israel was established in 1948, Kirkuk – Haifa oil pipeline was closed. Thereupon in 1952, Kirkuk – Sidon (Lebanon) and Kirkuk – Tartus (Syria) oil pipelines were installed, but could not get the expected benefits due to the cold war.

Why did we recall these issues? On the basis of hostility between Muslims and Jews, There have been the United Kingdom’s regional interests and the Germany’s historical goals. The United States and Israel are riding for a fall by continuing this war, it will not end.

Netanyahu’s government wants to create a Kurdish state in the Middle East and develops relationships which can lead to the disintegration of Turkiye. Many politiciansof Ashkenaz origin in Europe support the Kurdistan Idea and defend that “the Kurds oppressed by Iran, Syria and Turkey for years”. Rothschild Group announced it would buy the Kurdish Oil Company last month. Kirkuk – Israel Pipeline Project which was announced by the United States Administration during Iraq War in 2003 is still on the agenda. Salafist Iraq Plain under the control of CIA & MI6 is growing. In this context, the strategies based on war will result in a fiasco like in Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Israel is literally throwing gasoline on a fire by attacking the Gaza Strip in Islam’s holy month of Ramadan. We think that is a part of a large strategic plan. Israel is provoking the Islamist groups in the region to attack her. However, Nusra Front has announced that they will start to attack to Israel in next days. Israel can spread her occupation to Kunaytra and some Syrian lands.

Israel’s works and plans which can affect Turkiye will be a great betrayal against the Turkish nation. Ashkenazys should be violently opposed to these policies. Palestine Authority and Hamas must accept that there have been right to life of Jews as their as in the region. Jerusalem should be a peaceful city for Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Otherwise, the instability in the Middle East can cause a big war and nuclear weapons will be use. Countries will be divided, and a true peace will never come to the region.

The humanity did not win anything from religious wars for hundreds of years. Muslim – Jewish hostility will never bring peace to anyone. A religion or ideology which accords right to life for only itself is ignorance and radicalism.

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