USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies

The process of the attacking and slimming of the United States, began in 2003, was ended. Following the failure of the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Ukraine issues were knotted. Now The United States is taking lessons from its mistakes. One of the most important decisions of American General Staff is that fighting on two fronts at the same time is wrong.

However, the global policy is continuing. Russia is resuming strengthening the strategic cooperation with China. It is still earning a major income from the sale of weapons and Energy (Oil and Gas). Despite the sanctions of the U.S. and NATO, Germany is playing a double game and stepping up economic and political relations with Russia. It is important to note here that Germany was the major country which reinforced Iran with trade after the Islamic Revolution, closed its eyes to organize Islamist groups which resumed the September 11 Attack and it had a share in defeats of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We know that the United States feared from entering of Syria under the control of Islamist organizations after Libya and changed its regional policy with Israel. While U.S. was maintaining instability in Syria, Russia’s Ukraine Lunge made international policy more complicated. Despite warnings of Experts, the United States has transmitted in to the swamp of Ukraine. For this reason, U.S. moved away more from Syria and the Middle East. Whereas, U.S. should let Germany and Russia alone face to face and should follow the developments. Germany burdened cowboy works on the back of the U.S. and NATO, then it has not ruined its economic relations with Russia.

China in the East and Germany in the West are continuing to strengthen their economic status. After the disintegration of the European Union, Germany will become the biggest power in the Land Europa. It will have created all the conditions for set up IV. Reich. Only one thing will be left to be done backwards: It will build up its professional army by giving justification of the U.S. and Western Army’s inefficiency. The United States probably will keep guard in Atlantic with its military power which has soldiers over 400 thousand.

Now all over the world, small mobile military units are achieving that which heavy and bulky large armies could not succeed before. Large armies are helpless against Rebellion Strategies in the Arab uprisings, in the Middle East, Ukraine, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia and others.

We are experiencing one of the most important examples of this issue. The soldiers in official uniform could do nothing more against terrorists or rebels involved civilians. In case of the smallest of mistakes to be made in terms of military, political and legal fees are standing.

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