Iran’s Nuclear Story

Nowadays, perhaps one of the most important issues of international politics is Iran‘s Nuclear Studies. The goal of Western alliance leading U.S., UK and Israel is to stop Iran‘s nuclear activities. we could clearly say that: Iran‘s real purpose as has nuclear weapons is to obtain immunity in the region and around the world. To say that “Iran‘s nuclear activities are only the peaceful purposes” only aims to save time. Alliance leading by United States which makes to prevent these gains of Iran can be summarized in three topics.

  1. Hard Political Approach: United States wants to be severe economic sanctions against Iran by activating international organizations such as NATO and UN. In this regard, Russia in the east and Germany in the west which have deeper economic ties with Iran are reluctant.
  2. Moderate Political Approach: U.S. with the help of secret allies such as Turkiye and Brazil is trying to convince of Iran. It is clear that this approach would not be a positive result. The main goal is to constantly take the pulse and to identify weaknesses of Iran. The Turkish Government trying to assume the leadership of this initiative fulfill the U.S. secret desire, but also enhances his reputation of Turkiye and Islamic public opinion.
  3. Threats of Military Intervention: U.S. will not attempt strictly to direct military operations against Iran‘s nuclear facilities. After the operation, the United States may experience significant losses in the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. For this reason, the U.S. is done the threat of operation through Israel. Diplomatic circles supplied by U.S. and Israel ongoing emphasize that Israel would do a military operation in the final stage.

It is impossible to prevent Iran with moderate or hard political approach. It is back only an operational possibility of Israel. This is unrealistic for now. Hitting Israeli aircraft flew thousands of miles to nuclear facilities in the heart of Iran is a little impossible. The main nuclear facilities which are between city of Natanz and Kashan when going from the Qum to Isfahan had to be protected a large air defense system. Therefore, this military response will need massive war than a simple operation. Venturing of U.S. and Israel such an intervention that its result is uncertain is extremely difficult.

No matter what is done, Iran will have nuclear weapons and will win immunity. Soon, Turkiye is preparing to auction a large nuclear reactor and planning to become an independent nuclear power.

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