Turkiye has eliminated Daish.

Turkiye has eliminated Daish but US and Russia protect it.

When the Syrian civil war started, the Syrian Opponents could capture all of Syria within a year. However, the Daish Terrorist Organization has changed all the plans. The US and Russia, along with their allies, flocked to the region to fight against Daish. Assad survived. Daish Terror Organization’s primary goal was Turkiye border, from the Mosul Dam to all northern Syria. Turkiye has eliminated the terrorist organization in a short time after the intense fighting.

In addition, when the Syrian civil war started, The United States had said that the Daish Terrorist Organization could have dozens in this region. It was understood over time whether it was a determination or a wish. The United States and PKK Terrorist Organization did not enter into a serious clash with the Daish Terrorist Organization. In many areas Daish were silently transferred by the PKK and US. The US and the PKK’s assistance to the Daish Terrorist Organization were decrypted. Daish militants, surrounded by Rakka and DeirEzZor are carried to other regions with their weapons in their hands with the help of the US and the PKK. At present, Daish’s largest presence in the region is on the border of Syria and Iraq under the control of the US and the PKK. The fictional battle between the United States and Daish continues. The US and the Coalition, which have the most modern weapons and thousands of sorties, cannot eliminated the Daish Terrorist Network.

With the help of the US and the PKK, the Daish terrorists, separated from Rakka and DeirEzZor, came to the south of İdlib in the control of Syrian Opponents, freely with their heavy weapons. The Assad Army and Russia did not make a sound to the presence of Daish there. The Assad Army and Daish Terrorist Organization continue to fight against Syrian Oppositions.

As is well known, the Iraqi Central Government, with the help of Iran and Hezbollah, had eliminated the Daish Terrorist Organization from its territory.

To put it briefly; Turkey and Iraq eliminated Daish Terrorist Organization, but The United States and Russia continue to protect the Daish Terrorist Organization in the region under their control.

In the meantime, there is another country that goes well with the Daish Terrorist Organization: Israel. The Daish Terrorist Organization’s third largest area is beside the Golan Heights, Israel’s strategic region. Although Israel has sometimes opposed the Assad and Hezbollah forces, there has not yet been any attack against the neighboring Daish Terrorist Organization in this region.

We understand that Assad, Russia, USA and Israel are very pleased with the existence of the Daish Terrorist Organization. If Daish is eliminated from the Middle East, there will be no need for the US or Russia in the region. That is to say, the US and Russia owe their presence in the region to the Daish Terrorist Organization!

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