Can you watch the torture?

While world public opinion is engaging with ISIL, a meaningful photo exhibition was opened yesterday. A Syrian soldier, who served as a military photographer in the Syrian Army for 13 years, took photographs of 11,000 people who had been tortured to death by the Assad regime between 2011 and 2013. Some examples selected from 55,000 photographs, are being exhibited at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York. The exhibition, which is sponsored by the United States, Turkiye, Great Britain, France, Qatar and 11 other countries, will remain opened until March 20th.

What are the people, who look aside when an animal is sacrificed or a man’s head is cut off by ISIL, say about these pictures which resemble the Holocaust in Germany? Will they, who see the Syrian rebels as terrorists and defend the Assad regime, understand why this war started? A man, who did not live in Syria, cannot be able to understand the tortures and massacres of the Assad management which has turned Syria into an open prison with the help of its private service. Many people cannot understand why those thousands of dissidents have been fighting against Assad risking their lives for months.

The person who kills, is a murderer. But who is the motivator? The person, who tortures somebody to death, is more brutal than a simple killer. Who is the director who manages the murderers of thousands of people that have been tortured? Are Nazis more guilty than Hitler? Are the countries and their leaders, which remain silent to Assad’s Barrel Bombs for their own interests, innocent? And will we hide behind our ideologies and faiths in the presence of these enormity and violence?

You can see some examples from this photo exhibition by clicking here.

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