Unsuccessful CIA Director was forced to leave office by Obama

Obama‘s first job after winning the presidential election was to remove CIA Director David Petraeus. CIA Director was forced to resign due to the forbidden relationship by the White House. 11 Turkish Military Personal were captured in northern Iraq and with hoods over their heads at the behest of Petraeus on July 4, 2003 following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. One year after this incident, He became the first commander of the Multi-National Security Transition…

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"Unsuccessful CIA Director was forced to leave office by Obama"

The Kurdish Strategy of The United States

Now everyone agrees plan to establish a Kurdish state by the Western World in the Middle East.  Kurdish federations which will be established on the territory of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be the political foundations of the United Kurdish State on the Middle East. Iraqi Kurdish Federation which state was not officially has been established de facto. It has been in existence with its own army, treasury, flag, the state mechanism and all…

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"The Kurdish Strategy of The United States"

Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East

Along with the month of Muharram, we can say that provocation would increase between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East. A new defense strategy was developed by the West after the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Just over 1 year, we had seen was a battle lasting more than 8 years between Iraq and Iran. A Sunni Shiite conflict doesn’t happen in Iraq. Iran as well as increased activity in the Gulf countries and…

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"Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East"

Light Green Line Project

We know the Green Line which is founded by the leadership of the United States after the 1950s. There were many reasons of the Islamic Green Line that is thought based on religion as a shield against communism. The most important one of them was to keep away the Warsaw Pact from the oil regions. However more important one was the idea of re-making economic and military colonial command of the US-led the Middle East…

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"Light Green Line Project"

Is Iran Single Target of Missile Shield?

The establishing of a new ballistic missile defense shield in NATO’s eastern border countries become definite. The most notably of these countries is Turkey. According to the general conclusion of the world public opinion, the real goal of missile shield is Iran. However, the name of Iran wasn’t specified in NATO’s decision. Is Iran really only one fear of The United States and the West? Is Iran more important than the historical enemies of the…

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"Is Iran Single Target of Missile Shield?"