Unsuccessful CIA Director was forced to leave office by Obama

Obama‘s first job after winning the presidential election was to remove CIA Director David Petraeus. CIA Director was forced to resign due to the forbidden relationship by the White House.

11 Turkish Military Personal were captured in northern Iraq and with hoods over their heads at the behest of Petraeus on July 4, 2003 following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. One year after this incident, He became the first commander of the Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq. At the beginning of 2007 was the Commander of Multinational Force. He assumed command of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Petraeus was responsible for U.S. operations in 20 countries spreading from Egypt to Pakistan. Petraeus was commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan after 2010 July and he was held during the many attacks against Afghan civilians.

Petraeus, who coordinates the Arab Spring as a Pentagon operation led to the strengthening of the Muslim Brotherhood against Iran. Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Washington from 1983 to 2005 was at the beginning of the most important allies in the Arab world. After the assassination of the Syrian command echelon in July 18, 2012, Bandar was appointed to the head of Saudi intelligence after the visit of Petraeus to Saudi Sultan.

However, two major intelligence presidents who came to office with his support were attacked. Prince Bandar, who manages operations of directing of the Gulf capital to the Arab Spring and Syrian Opposition and draws commissions from arms sales just as in Al Yamamah Scandal was attacked in July 26, 2012. In the past month Visam Al Hassan, Director of Lebanese Civil Intelligence Department was killed in bomb blast after a week from visiting of Petraeus to Lebanon.

In fact, all missions of David Petraeus were unsuccessful. The U.S. administration did not want to take on the failure of his. However, he was forced to leave office after President Barack Obama won.

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