Daesh transferred DeirEzZor’s North to US & PKK!

Daesh and the PKK terrorist organizations which were known to cooperate since the beginning of the Syrian & Iraqi civil war, have realized an important Field Change.

As it is known, for the past month, the Syrian regime forces in support of Russia were carrying out a great military operation against DeirEzZor from Palmira. Within this operation, the US & PKK Alliance reduced its Rakka Operations to the lowest level and made the Daesh militants send reinforcements to DeirEzZor. The same strategy was seen during the operation of ElBab supported by the Turkish Armed Forces, and the US & PKK directed the Daesh militants to ElBab.

The operation of DeirEzZor which Russia supported by using long-range stand-off missiles, was a great success and the Syrian forces succeeded in reaching DeirEzZor from Palmira by being in intense clashes with Daesh. The Russian & Syrian Alliance shortly broke the siege around the airport and united the southern part of the city.

Against the rapid progress of Russia & Syria, the deep relationship between the US & PKK and the Daesh Terrorist Organization has shown itself again. The Daesh Terrorist Organization transferred a large area in the western part of the Euphrates to the US & PKK alliance only after a showdown in the last 2 days.

The main objective of the US in the regional strategy is to divide the Syrian north region and establish a Syrian Kurdistan by accepting the Euphrates border.

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