The West splits, Russia strengthens!

In the last decade, the operations and projects of which were carried out by the United States and Western countries brought many Islamic countries to the point of disintegration. The Arab Spring that will be bring democracy to countries turned the lives of Muslims to winter. The overthrow of dictators in like Libya, Egypt and Tunisia was a breakthrough which long-awaited for decades. But, the colonialism enthusiasm of Western countries flared up again after the…

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"The West splits, Russia strengthens!"

The New Friend of the United States is Assad and Its New Enemies are the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

Middle East policy of the United States has changed radically since the beginning of 2013. It has ended the Great Middle East Project and suspended supporting for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Islamic world. Saudi Arabia was alarmed when the United State started rapprochement with Iran and changed its Syrian policy. Saudi Intelligence Organization (Al Muhabarat Al Amma) which is managed by Bandar bin Sultan also took an active role in the Middle East. Saudis…

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"The New Friend of the United States is Assad and Its New Enemies are the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda."

Unsuccessful CIA Director was forced to leave office by Obama

Obama‘s first job after winning the presidential election was to remove CIA Director David Petraeus. CIA Director was forced to resign due to the forbidden relationship by the White House. 11 Turkish Military Personal were captured in northern Iraq and with hoods over their heads at the behest of Petraeus on July 4, 2003 following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. One year after this incident, He became the first commander of the Multi-National Security Transition…

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"Unsuccessful CIA Director was forced to leave office by Obama"

Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade

The World balances and its policy changing after September 11 also have altered significantly Turkiye and the Middle East in ten years. İn the current situation, we can sort the most basic features of Turkiye and the Middle East. ◊ United Stated and NATO are planning to build a new Light Green Belt in the Greater Middle East. On the basis of this generation, There are National Vision Movement (Milli Gorus, from Turkey) and its…

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"Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade"

The U.S. Urgently Must Request Mubarak’s Resignation

The popular revolt continues for the overthrow Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.  Egypt which led by generals and military leaders since the Ottoman period is going towards a military rebellion. Nasser in 1952, Anwar Sadat in 1970 and his deputy Hosni Mubarak in 1981, after the assassination, are three important leaders in Egypt in a half century. The events that shaped the politics in Egypt during this century were always bloody and severe. Assassinations, arrests and…

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"The U.S. Urgently Must Request Mubarak’s Resignation"