Ethnic and Religious Division

Results of the referendum on September 12, carries the scars of ethnic and religious division. BDP’s election boycott which is recognized by everyone is the PKK’s political extension showed the effectiveness the separatist Kurdish movement in the Southeast. The goal of Kurdish PKK movement is to win of 37 seats vicinity in future elections. Referendum has managed to combine Islamist organizations, communities and sects under one roof in Turkey. The conservative nationalists in Central Anatolia…

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"Ethnic and Religious Division"

U.S. and UK in the back of Regional Threats

There is a important strategy that is implemented in the last 20 years by bilateral alliance consisting of the United States and Britain: The Existence Strategy with Threats. With this strategy, firstly, to create threat and then to interfere it are realized Communism was the most significant threat until the 1980s. The Islamic Green Belt was established against communism by the United States, began to collapse after 1970. The United States was behind of anti-communist…

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"U.S. and UK in the back of Regional Threats"

Iran Game which will not back

Iran‘s nuclear issue turns into a game of chess which will not be turned back, with the Barter Agreement led by Turkiye and Brazil. Let’s summarize the expectations of the parties in this game: The first country, Israel wants to prevent that obtaining nuclear weapons of Iran. Israel thinks that the primary target of nuclear weapons will be used by Iran to Israel. Israeli administration is fanatical as many as hit Iranian nuclear facilities for…

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"Iran Game which will not back"

Iran’s Nuclear Story

Nowadays, perhaps one of the most important issues of international politics is Iran‘s Nuclear Studies. The goal of Western alliance leading U.S., UK and Israel is to stop Iran‘s nuclear activities. we could clearly say that: Iran‘s real purpose as has nuclear weapons is to obtain immunity in the region and around the world. To say that “Iran‘s nuclear activities are only the peaceful purposes” only aims to save time. Alliance leading by United States…

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"Iran’s Nuclear Story"

Intelligence Wars in Asia

Intelligence Wars between Russia and United States – British Partnership has accelerated in recent days. After that Obama explained his 2010 targets, the strategic cooperation between the CIA and MI6 had been renewed and strengthened. The main goal of the Strategic Cooperation of CIA – MI6 was used the pro-Western Islamist groups against Russia. For this reason, Israel was excluded from this partnership, due to it’s uncompromising attitude in the Middle East. UK conducts and…

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"Intelligence Wars in Asia"