The United States guards Russia!

The struggle of Russia to survive is continuing after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The biggest supporter of Russia is unfortunately The United States. The USA which thinks that she could not control the Middle East and Europe alone, is struggling to keep up Russia as a threat and as well as a strategic partner.

Russia which has economic difficulties since the 1990s, could not renew its old technology. The increasing oil revenues in the 2000s had bailed Russia out and it began to follow an expansionist policy. Russia weapons and defense industry are still based on the old and ponderous Soviet technology. In the last few years, its oil revenues reduced with Saudi Arabia’s Oil Strategy and its economy has faced with bankruptcy.

Likewise, the Russian Army is also in a big chaos. Everyone knows that failed Russian generals were executed beyond all question. And then suicide news of Russian generals continued after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But somehow, the suicide count of high ranking officers and generals have increased after Putin. You can see an information table about this subject in the top of this comment.

Russian Army is bombing civil locations, hospitals, schools, killing helpless civilians and committing war crimes with its strategic ally Iran, to protect interests and bases in the Middle East.

The biggest supporter of Russia on this issue is actually the United States. While it is hoping that the United States must pressure Russia militarily and politically, it has given courage to Russia and just watched. The United States is not to make a noise against Russian attacks. In fact, the US does not want to be alone in the middle east and to collapse of Russia in the region. It is working closely with Russia to destroy the Radical Islamist Groups that have been considered as threat against their benefits and Israel. The Tacit ISIL Project provides many strategic benefits both Russia and the United States.

However, this friendship will not last very long. The strengthening of separatist Kurds is of vital importance for Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian governments. Turkiye that is the most powerful and largest county in the region, is carrying out a successful operation against the PKK Terrorist Organization that is Kurdish separatist. Turkish Security Forces killed 5163 terrorists since July 22, 2015. In our opinion, this count (with in the mountains, caves and cross-border operations) is more than 6-7 thousand. This is a huge loss for the PKK Terrorist Organization. Syria, Iraq and Iran have not an army like this.

The separatist Kurds are armed in Syria, Iraq and Iran by the United States. This situation will drag the region to the greater chaos and conflict near the future. Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian regimes will be seriously damaged and will probably become fragmented. Also Russia will have a major defeat with these allies.

Is the giving support to Russia, a strategy to break it or a new Sykes-Picot in three major continents? We will see it in time. Again likely that the United States will lose the friendship of the Arabs and Turks.

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