The Last Situation in Iraq and Syria – April 1

There were many important developments during the past month in Syria and Iraq. The clearing of Tikrit City from the ISIL terrorist organization was the most important development in Iraq. Shiite militias and Iraqi government forces with the support of Coalition Aircrafts gave a long struggle in Tikrit. On the other side, The Mosul Operation has not shown a marked improvement during the last month. Sunni tribes in Mosul have complained about looting and harassment of Shiite militias in Sunni areas for a long time. US-led coalition has disturbed about the growing role of Iran in the Middle East. For this reason, we can say that the Mosul Operation is on hold. ISIL (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) partially stopped their attacks in the Northern and Southern Iraq and went on the defensive.

Important events had been taking place in Syria in the last days. ISIL Terrorist Organization continues to progress especially in central and southern Syria. ISIL which shifted some forces from Raqqa to BirKasap, began to control a large area in the southern Damascus. Finally, it seized Yarmouk Camp near the Damascus and made an appearance. Yarmouk was an area inhabited by Palestinian refugees and had been under siege of Assad’s Army for a long time. We will see in the coming days how this situation has happened, did Assad Army withdraw for using this threat in next days or was this success of ISIL?

Assad regime has significant losses for last month. Aleppo Siege in Northern Syria was not successful. The Opposition Groups have provided significant gains in Hindarat region. Islamist Groups, which came together under the leadership of The Nusra Front, have purged Assad Army from Idlib city in the North and Deraa city in the South. These losses were very important for Assad Management. In the coming days, it is expected that the merging of Islamic groups will accelerate and they will expand their territory.

Iranian Special Forces and Hezbollah militants which fight with Assad Army in Syria, suffered heavy casualties in many fronts. Iran has lost many generals in these conflicts. With the acceleration of internal turmoil in Yemen and Saudi Arabia led intervention, Iran appears to have been weakened. Both Syrian and Iranian army began to difficult in finding volunteers to fight in Syria.

The despair of Syria and Russia in the region has led to the revival of the terrorist activities against Turkiye. Some Marxist terrorist groups are planning to use all the cards in their hands to wear out Turkish Government before the general elections in June. Assad Government says that the reason of their defeats in northern Syria was Turkiye’s support to opposition groups.

Briefly, the conflicts has gained momentum in Iraq and Syria. Spring and summer will be the scene of more conflicts. Assad Government business is now quite difficult…


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