The Fake Mistakes of The United States.

The United States continues to strengthen her field with PKK on her left and DAESH on her right. PKK and DAESH Terrorist Organizations are serving USA interests. Yesterday US warplanes again hit Iraqi forces attacking against Daesh militants on Iraq & Syria border. These mistakes are not new and hardly believable. The US does not just strike the mailed fist. According to the expression of our friends from Raqqa: Many of Raqqa villages that were…

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"The Fake Mistakes of The United States."

The United States guards Russia!

The struggle of Russia to survive is continuing after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The biggest supporter of Russia is unfortunately The United States. The USA which thinks that she could not control the Middle East and Europe alone, is struggling to keep up Russia as a threat and as well as a strategic partner. Russia which has economic difficulties since the 1990s, could not renew its old technology. The increasing oil revenues in…

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"The United States guards Russia!"

The United States will lose the Middle East!

The history is the memory of nations. When Muslims, living in the Middle East, had been intervened by the western countries, they remembered immediately the Crusades. As is known, the Crusades which go on for three age, turned lands ranging from the West to the Middle East into a bloodbath. The hundreds of thousands of people without making discrimination Muslims, Jews or Armenians were killed in Anatolia and Jerusalem. After the Middle East entered into…

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"The United States will lose the Middle East!"

Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!

The United States and Western countries have been defending Democracy for decades. Our subject is not democracy which has older fundamentals than the British Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Justice and Equality concept is the common heritage of all humanity. Doing evil hiding behind the sacred values is incompatible neither ethics nor religious rules. There are no differences between doing evil using religious concepts and fighting for imperialist aims as using democratic concepts. We do…

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"Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!"

The United States betrayed its allies throughout history!

The United States harmed its allies more than their enemy countries. This situation is causing a big disappointment and hostility among educated and uneducated people from all strata in all pro-Western Islamic countries. In a sense, The United States is fighting but the Russia is winning at last. After the Second World War, NATO was established against the Soviet Union and created Islamic Line of Defense from Pakistan to Egypt. The United States betrayed these…

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"The United States betrayed its allies throughout history!"