Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!

The United States and Western countries have been defending Democracy for decades. Our subject is not democracy which has older fundamentals than the British Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Justice and Equality concept is the common heritage of all humanity.

Doing evil hiding behind the sacred values is incompatible neither ethics nor religious rules. There are no differences between doing evil using religious concepts and fighting for imperialist aims as using democratic concepts.

We do not know clearly that who was found the Islamic State organization in Iraq. However, we see that this organization has become the biggest threat in the Middle East and the United States has come again the region with a new plan.

The Islamic State Organization not much difference from other organizations in the Middle East. Hezbollah, The Peshmerga, Iraqi Shiite Militias, the Assad Army which has been supported by Iranian Special Forces, Free Syrian Army, Ahrar Es-Sam or Al Nusra, all of them are fighting for their goals and dominance areas. The most important reason that lead to hate of world public organization from IS, was the videos of the cutting head. The interesting thing about, the majority of those who performed these actions were citizens of Western countries and they prepared propaganda videos. After these videos, the Assad Management which killed and tortured more people than the Islamic State, suddenly became innocent. The PKK Terrorist Organization which killed people, women, children, teacher more than 50 thousand, suddenly became a hero against IS. We have forgotten actions of Shiite Militias which have caused great distress to Sunni Arabs during the invasion of Iraq.

Is the real aim of the United States and Western Countries, democracy? Saudi Arabia which is the biggest coalition partner, has been cutting off heads and arms of hundreds of people every year! Women are treated like a second-class citizen and a slavery in the Gulf countries! Is the Assad Management which has been massacring thousands of people, children and women with barrel bombs in cities, now democrat? Are Peshmerga Landlords which have been carrying out ethnic cleansing against other political and ethnic groups, crimeless? Is there democracy in regional coalition countries?

The United States is still making a big mistake as well as decades. Syria operations will result in disastrous defeat after Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States must be research its consultants who want to die by fighting! Otherwise, this region will be delivered to the Russian Alliance in a tray of gold! The Greater Kurdistan, that the United States, Western Countries and Israel have been aiming to establish it for decades, will be the closest ally of Russia in the future. The PKK Mentality which is in the control of Russian Intelligence, will fight to digest all of Kurds with treachery and barbarism. Feuds between the Kurds will not bring peace to the region in no time.

The United States wanted to be establish a Sunni Bloc against the Russian-Shia alliance in the last ten years. However, this strategy caused a big Sunni-Shiite conflict and both Sunnis and Shiites have made more enemies against the United States. Now, the moderate opposition groups such as Free Syrian Army and Islamic Front which have been established by the United States, oppose the Coalition. CIA teams are looking for new moderate fighters in Turkey and Arab countries. They are floundering, because nobody wants to fight for western interests in the region except a few thousand mercenaries.

The United States actually is playing desperation and fighting backward and forward like an uncontrolled power.

The United States has not spirit of compromise with friends. It can reconcile with enemies such as Russia, Iran and Syria in secret, but it treats its allies like a servant. The United States wants that its allies have only to fight against its own enemies!

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