The United States’ Target is The Middle East Dams!

In the Middle East, it is necessary to draw attention to a vital issue that is more important than oil: Water Resources. There are two important rivers that feed the Middle East: The Euphrates and the Tigris. These rivers are born in Turkey and flow to Syria and Iraq. There is Ataturk Dam which is one of the biggest dams in the world on Turkey side. The largest dam on the Tigris River on the…

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"The United States’ Target is The Middle East Dams!"

Kobani Kurdish Theater and the United States!

The urban warfare is continuing in the AynulArab or Kobani (Kurdish name) which is central settlement of the PKK terrorist organization in Syria. In fact, while was taking that this city was captured by the Islamic State for granted about one month ago, this issue became a Kurdish Theater after the United States came into play. USA, on the one hand is not giving up the idea of establishing of Kurdistan, on the other hand…

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"Kobani Kurdish Theater and the United States!"

Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!

The United States and Western countries have been defending Democracy for decades. Our subject is not democracy which has older fundamentals than the British Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Justice and Equality concept is the common heritage of all humanity. Doing evil hiding behind the sacred values is incompatible neither ethics nor religious rules. There are no differences between doing evil using religious concepts and fighting for imperialist aims as using democratic concepts. We do…

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"Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!"