The United States’ Target is The Middle East Dams!

In the Middle East, it is necessary to draw attention to a vital issue that is more important than oil: Water Resources. There are two important rivers that feed the Middle East: The Euphrates and the Tigris. These rivers are born in Turkey and flow to Syria and Iraq. There is Ataturk Dam which is one of the biggest dams in the world on Turkey side.

The largest dam on the Tigris River on the Iraqi side is the Mosul Dam. This dam which was under the control of the ISIL, is now under the control of the Barzani Peshmerga.

On the Syrian side, there are two important dams built on the Euphrates: Tishrin and Tabqa dams. Tishrin Hydroelectric Power Plant supplies the electricity demand of Northern Syria. This came under the control of the PKK & PYD Terrorist Network after the Manbij Operation of the US. Now PKK & PYD Terrorist Organization has headed to the Tabqa dam backed by the US air support. I think this is going to be taken in a very short time.

In this way, the control of the most important dams and water resources of Iraq and Syria will be in the hands of Kurdish groups. When ISIL Terrorist Organization was first established, it was directed to these strategic areas and seized this places. Again, ISIL Terrorist Organization has delivered these dams to Kurdish groups without a lot of resistance. The International Media, supported by the United States, formed the public opinion that “ISIL will demolish the Mosul dam” or “Mosul dam is old and will be demolished”. We have explained in the other article that the ISIL Terrorist Organization is a studio work of intelligence companies of USA, UK, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia to establish strategic dominance.

The US has now headed to the Tabqa Dam under the mask of the supposedly conquest of Raqqa. In the past week, many villages have been easily overtaken by the US & PKK & PYD. You can clearly see this expansion in our regional maps.
All these water resources are vital for the Middle East, Iraq and Syria. Of course, what is important is Israel’s target for future century plans.

This aspect of the Iraq & Syrian War is more important than oil, which will lose its importance after a century. In the future, other energy sources can be used instead of oil. There is no vital resource to replace water.

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