Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!

The United States and Western countries have been defending Democracy for decades. Our subject is not democracy which has older fundamentals than the British Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Justice and Equality concept is the common heritage of all humanity. Doing evil hiding behind the sacred values is incompatible neither ethics nor religious rules. There are no differences between doing evil using religious concepts and fighting for imperialist aims as using democratic concepts. We do…

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"Democracy or Imperialism in the Middle East!"

Can Formation of the Islamic State be Avoided?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria now has become the target of the whole world. Meanwhile everyone who blew a coal this fire, now they are trying to extinguish it. There is only one option in the minds of all countries: Military Intervention. They will make matters worse while trying to be helpful and the fire will spread to the whole world! Islamic State is basically an intellectual movements. Its source is a way of…

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"Can Formation of the Islamic State be Avoided?"

Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?

Nowadays, our most important topic of discussion is ISIL, with its new name: The Islamic State organization. When The Taliban crossed swords with the United States in Afghanistan, Turkiye and world public opinion had knew this organization. Photos of women with burkas and Islamists who cut arm were served to all media organizations. Today, we are experiencing a similar period. Photos of the Islamic State organization that makes massacres and cut heads, are discussed on…

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"Is Osama Bin Laden Dead and Al Baghdadi The Heir?"