Instinctively Terrorism Period!

With the development of globalization and the mass media, the method of radicalism and terrorism has changed.

There is generally an organized structure in terrorism. Terror is the most radical method for local, regional and international politics. Therefore, every terrorist organization which performs attacks in extraterritorial areas, has a supporter that is a state or intelligence service. Terrorist attacks take place these supporter’s best interest at the appropriate time and venues

Nowadays, with the development of communication and social media, “Organizational Commitment” has replaced with “Ideological Commitment” People can take appropriate actions in accordance with this faith without an organic bond with terrorist organizations. This situation is an independent terrorist methods from states, organizations or secret services and it is extremely dangerous for the whole world community.

This form of extremism and terrorism, started to develop in the world, has some local, psychological and sociological foundations. Exclusion, unemployment, cultural chaos, lack of education and psychological tension easily drag people to radicalism and terrorism. The radicals alienate to community in which they live and see every one as enemy outside themselves. Extremism can be based sometimes on religious basis, sometimes on racism and sometimes on a complex philosophical ideas. People without organizational ties, can carry out individual or group attack.

One of the first organizations which made a philosophical thought this movement style, was IBDA-C Terror Organization in Turkiye. This small group that combines the ideas of Necip Fazil who was an Islamist thinker, with socialist ideas in 1975 had formed an effective force in a short time. This organization was saying that everyone who believes this idea, could perform actions without any organic bond. Those who believes IBDA faith would not wait any instruction from the organization to do what was needed in the best time and place. This philosophy was named as Instinctively Action. This organization continued its activities from 1975 until 2000.

This Instinctively Action thought emerged as Individual Action thought of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL) after years. Today, ISIL Organization invites its believers to do individual attacks against all enemies in the world without any organizational bond. The terrorist attacks which carried out in France this week, were also made with this method.

 As is known, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has emerged with the secret supports of both Russia & Iran and USA & Saudi alliances. Russia and Iran alliance was hoping for that the international community would support Iraq and Syria Shiite governments with the emergence of an Al Qaeda organization such as ISIL. Also the United States and Saudi Arabia alliance had thought that a new Sunni organization which will be established in Syria and Iraq, would stop the Shia alliance in the Middle East. So both sides have achieved their goals. However, the Islamic State has grown immeasurable in the region. It has founded a new Jihad Movement on the idea of an Islamic caliphate which has been living among Islamists for years. Thousands of believers joined the organization to fight and to die as Martyr. Nowadays, new fighters are participating about 1000 monthly to ISIL which has about 18.000 foreign fighters.

Russia did not kick about ISIL because Circassian and Chechen Islamic fighters moved to the Middle East. Also early on, Western countries thought that they got rid of radical Islamists who went to Syria and Iraq. However, hundreds of believers who could not come to the war zone, were burning with the same radical ideas in western countries. The manipulative and hypocritical polities of the western countries about the Middle East, are dragging the Muslim youths to the grudge and disrelish. Even moderate Islamists are becoming radicalized. Many Muslims in the East or West are supporting radical Islamist groups because the western coalition which remains silent against Assad government that carried out massacres with barrel bombs against helpless children, women and civilians in Syrian cities. Muslim people who see millions of victims of war in the Islamic world every day, is getting further away from the West which pass by on the other side about refugees living under the severe winter conditions in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkiye. All events happening in the world are reflecting in the press, internet and social media channels without hiding anything.

The developing communication technologies have brought the whole world into a single community. Peoples, cultures and religions nested. The massacre of Boko Haram not only affect Nigerian people but also deeply affect the whole world people whether Muslim or Christian. The resulting feelings of hatred are reaching sometimes to India, sometimes to Germany, sometimes to France.

 All of these reasons, we must watch justice policies based on universal human rights instead of hypocritical and manipulative relationships. The hunger and disease in Africa, the wars and massacres in the world and the tension between Muslims and Jews in Palestine are our problems and responsibilities.

Can we dry tears of a father who lost his daughters in a barrel bomb attack and was holding her bloody shoes in his hands? Can we stay one night with Syrian asylum seekers in the tent freezing as hard as stone? Can we look a human who was beheaded for whatever reason? Is a drop of oil more valuable than a drop of blood? Is anyone of the people murdered in Baghdad or Paris, more valuable than the other? Do we think that we can eliminate all people who don’t believe like us, by killing?

Extremism and terrorism not just the problem of one religion or society. We are responsible even from a massacre in the world’s most remote corner. The living in peace is not possible for us whether in East or West unless there is peace and harmony between intertwined economies, cultures and religions.

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