The Middle East Operations in Autumn!

We are expecting very important developments in Autumn in the Middle East. In fact, these developments linked with each other will follow sort order because of behind the negotiations.
Everyone knows that the primary goal of U.S. and NATO in the Middle East is Syria. Under the banner of the NATO, intervention to Syria is too close but there are several significant obstacles in front of the Western Alliance in this issue. The first of those is that Russia and China firmly opposes to an intervention order issued by the United Nations. In order to overcome this obstacle, the U.S. and NATO want to use Turkey‘s trump card. If a provocation based in Syria will take you directly to Turkey, this military intervention can create compelling justification.
At this point, it is supposed what attitude of Turkey and the Turkish Army Forces is. Turkey definitely not participate in the operation to Syria directly pertain to its interests, while standing PKK terrorism and its resources in Kandil in Northern Iraq. An operation without Turkey to Syria will bring large risks and Iran and Hezbollah forces could lead into a hot conflict. Therefore, firstly opening of making operation to PKK and Kandil is necessary then Turkey joins intervention to Syria. The U.S. which opposed intervention by Turkey into northern Iraq Earlier; Now, It has dismissed the PKK in exchange for Syria. Therefore, Turkey may choose to clean a large easily the PKK presence in northern Iraq.
In this process, all events might not be requests of the United States and NATO plans. Syria was heated enough for a NATO intervention. If Turkey starts a comprehensive military action against PKK terrorism, waiting for it to end as soon as a more than two months is unrealistic. To clean the nest of terror in Kandil mountains will need a process will continue until early spring. The opposition of some countries particularly such as Germany, Russia against a long-term cross-border operation is loudly. In parallel to the struggle launched by the Turkish Armed Forces, this situation will increase risks more in aspect of internal security. It will be very difficult to control terrorism and insurgency movements In the Southeast and in major cities and just police forces may not be possible to achieve this.
In shortly, The new layout of the Middle East under the flag of the United States and NATO planning will bring chaos and conflict a lot more blood today. The main objective of the ongoing psychological operation on the Turkish Army Forces for many years was to give a new shape to Syria, Iran and the Middle East through the Turkish military. The United States of America which fails to take the internal balances of Turkey was unable to learn that the correct results can not be taken only military planning such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. It is not far probability that adding of new defeat alongside of the defeat of Afghanistan and Iraq for USA. Re-acceleration of terror in Iraq by Russia and Israel which fully disagree to the U.S. and Britain’s the Middle East plans shows that everything not to be achieved very easily. Breaking of Syria away from Russia and China may be very important for the United States and Great Britain but the future of power by the Islamist government in Syria is extremely contrary for Israel’s long-term plans.
In Autumn everyone is going to move their pieces, and It will increase the terror and chaos in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Turkey along with Syria.
At this point, the direct subordination of Turkey and the Turkish Army Forces to NATO plans, it can lead to irreversible decline for our country. In this strategic process, Turkey should give first priority to clean up the PKK terrorism in Kandil mountains and after it should contribute to Syrian interference in a very carefully and limitedly.

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