Instinctively Terrorism Period!

With the development of globalization and the mass media, the method of radicalism and terrorism has changed. There is generally an organized structure in terrorism. Terror is the most radical method for local, regional and international politics. Therefore, every terrorist organization which performs attacks in extraterritorial areas, has a supporter that is a state or intelligence service. Terrorist attacks take place these supporter’s best interest at the appropriate time and venues Nowadays, with the development…

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"Instinctively Terrorism Period!"

Can Formation of the Islamic State be Avoided?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria now has become the target of the whole world. Meanwhile everyone who blew a coal this fire, now they are trying to extinguish it. There is only one option in the minds of all countries: Military Intervention. They will make matters worse while trying to be helpful and the fire will spread to the whole world! Islamic State is basically an intellectual movements. Its source is a way of…

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"Can Formation of the Islamic State be Avoided?"

The United States betrayed its allies throughout history!

The United States harmed its allies more than their enemy countries. This situation is causing a big disappointment and hostility among educated and uneducated people from all strata in all pro-Western Islamic countries. In a sense, The United States is fighting but the Russia is winning at last. After the Second World War, NATO was established against the Soviet Union and created Islamic Line of Defense from Pakistan to Egypt. The United States betrayed these…

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"The United States betrayed its allies throughout history!"

Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!

Tunisia and Egypt entered under the control of the armed forces backed by the Pentagon, as a result of popular uprisings in the Greater Middle East. While these two countries are adopting silence, The U.S. current goal is Iran. Iran is the biggest enemy of the United States in the Greater Middle East Project. CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are trying to keep alive the opposition movements in Iran for years. The large demonstrations tested several…

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"Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!"