Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!

Tunisia and Egypt entered under the control of the armed forces backed by the Pentagon, as a result of popular uprisings in the Greater Middle East. While these two countries are adopting silence, The U.S. current goal is Iran.
Iran is the biggest enemy of the United States in the Greater Middle East Project. CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are trying to keep alive the opposition movements in Iran for years. The large demonstrations tested several times in recent years have been unsuccessful and were suppressed in a bloody way by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Western intelligence agencies want to get some visible results in Iran before the excitement of the revolt in the Middle East fades away. For this reason, Iran will be on the agenda in the coming days. In this time, there will be provocations, explosions and deaths during demonstrations. The Revolutionary Guards and Volunteer Militias (BESIC) will play a major role in the pro-regime demonstrations.
In fact, the leaders of opposition movements in Iran are the moderate Islamists. However, they are cooperative with the West rather than China and Russia unlike the current regime. Rafsanjani who represents German politic school will remain silent in this process and will determine the attitude in case the conflict will reach a very large dimension.
Of course, Tehran will be the center of the demonstrations in Iran; But, Western Intelligence agencies will work to mix some cities such as Tabriz, Khorasan which Turks live . In such a chaos, Azeris which are Turkish origin need to be wary of Western provocations. U.S and UK will want to use Azeris in these regions as an important part of the game. However neither Turkey nor Turkish intelligence should be in this game.
Iran has also mobilized its presence of Shia in Bahrain which correspond to operations of the United States and its allies against Iran. Two-thirds of the population in Bahrain are mostly Shiite. Nearly half of Parliament are already Shiites. Bahrain was a part of Iran for a period of two hundred years in history. Following the First World War and the invasion of Britain, The Sunni tribes took over management in Bahrain. The Shiite groups just like the Turkish and Lebanese Hizballah are directly controlled by Ayatollah Khamenei.
If the events grow in Iran, the same events can grow in Bahrain and Turkey as a surprise. Turkish Hizballah Leaders who are already in Iran, possibly in Sand City can in turn lead to rebellion together with the PKK in SouthEast Anatolia.
A very big game is being played in the Great Middle East. The thought that Turkey has no place in this game is completely and unforgivably misguided.
Perhaps in the next six months, the Republic of Turkey is will be entering the most dangerous period in his history.

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