Russia Erases the Plate Numbers from its Aircrafts in Syria!

The plate numbers of which are used in land vehicles, show that the vehicle belongs to which country and region. Likewise, there have been same plate numbers in sea and air vehicles. These numbers or types are on tail plane and airframe of the aircrafts. These labels are legal necessity in international law. Undefined vehicles are treated as the Pirate such as a terrorist who camouflages him face.

With this, Russia erases the plate numbers from its aircrafts which bombards in Syria.

It is clearly seen the photo given above that the country information is covered with light-colored paints from Russian aircrafts’ tail and bodies in Lattakia Russia’s air base. These erasures are not a digital environment on a photo with help Photoshop. This image is copied from a news on Russia Today news channel. It is known as Russia Today is an informal news channel of Russian government.

This is also a reason of the describing of Turkish Armed Forces as “Unknown Aircraft” about these aircrafts. In addition, Russian pilots leaved unanswered the voice communication.

The bombing of Russian aircrafts the residential areas is also a war crime according to international law. We think that Russia has been using this way to leave no trace of evidence in international criminal tribune next. The world public opinion has to put particularly emphasis on this subject.

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