NATO Must Take Full Control on Libya

Riots in the Arab world, turns kingdoms one by one. In this process, important countries for the United States are Syria, Iran, Libya and Yemen. We mentioned our evaluation on the Bahrain and Iran in a previous article. The United States which fears to support the rebellion in Iran because Bahrain situation, seems to give priority to Libya and Syria.

United State and Western targets are extremely clear in the Middle East. It is very difficult to establish long term relationships with countries dominated by a single person or a single party. Dictators’ policies and promises are not confident. Therefore, the relationships with governments which based the people and have good established on the West, will be long-term. Pentagon aims for the future are in that direction. It is no longer possible to stay for a long time in any country without support from the people. The U.S. has a very good course on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Turkey is thinking emotionally, because of ideological obsession instead of looking objectively at the events.

The United States is a very successful country about to extract lessons from mistakes. On the other hand, Turkey is thinking emotionally, because of ideological obsession instead of looking objectively at the events. Turkey‘s opposition to the invasion of Iraq was correct and the results showed it. Today, Turkey which appears next to Gaddafi in Libya is making a big mistake. Everyone knows very well that Gaddafi is a dictator and standing with the police and army. And Arab Expert knows best that Gaddafi support for Islamist organizations all over the world with petro dollars. Gaddafi who gives free products to middle-class people such as Arab sheiks continues his sovereignty with charitable culture. However his children and followers have the authority to spend millions of dollars as they want.

Turkey is following a confused foreign policy in an effort to satisfy each side. Turkish government is fearing the reaction of the Arab world and Islamic organizations. Turkey policy on Libya will not satisfy nor Gaddafi who will go down, nor Arab sheiks, nor dissidents of Libya which come to power next. The end of this policy is loneliness, frustration and great economic harm. Because of the doubts of Turkey, France stepped in and has been the first emergency intervention. Following the decision taken by the United Nations, all control must be in NATO. If Turkey disabled NATO, it will be disabled too. Turkey will fail to find friends in the future in the face of similar dangers. This is very dangerous and a pro-islamic foreign policy.

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