Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade

The World balances and its policy changing after September 11 also have altered significantly Turkiye and the Middle East in ten years. İn the current situation, we can sort the most basic features of Turkiye and the Middle East. ◊ United Stated and NATO are planning to build a new Light Green Belt in the Greater Middle East. On the basis of this generation, There are National Vision Movement (Milli Gorus, from Turkey) and its…

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"Muslim Brotherhood Block in the Next Decade"

NATO Must Take Full Control on Libya

Riots in the Arab world, turns kingdoms one by one. In this process, important countries for the United States are Syria, Iran, Libya and Yemen. We mentioned our evaluation on the Bahrain and Iran in a previous article. The United States which fears to support the rebellion in Iran because Bahrain situation, seems to give priority to Libya and Syria. United State and Western targets are extremely clear in the Middle East. It is very…

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"NATO Must Take Full Control on Libya"

Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!

Tunisia and Egypt entered under the control of the armed forces backed by the Pentagon, as a result of popular uprisings in the Greater Middle East. While these two countries are adopting silence, The U.S. current goal is Iran. Iran is the biggest enemy of the United States in the Greater Middle East Project. CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are trying to keep alive the opposition movements in Iran for years. The large demonstrations tested several…

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"Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!"