The Kurdish Strategy of The United States

Now everyone agrees plan to establish a Kurdish state by the Western World in the Middle East.  Kurdish federations which will be established on the territory of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be the political foundations of the United Kurdish State on the Middle East. Iraqi Kurdish Federation which state was not officially has been established de facto. It has been in existence with its own army, treasury, flag, the state mechanism and all…

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"The Kurdish Strategy of The United States"

Syria Oil War

In regions where have not energy, oil, underground wealth and strategic transition would not be war and very long-term tension. But in areas of vital importance to the world continues wars, riots and civil chaos throughout history. The Greater Middle East Plan restructured the Arab revolts choked in Syria. Because there were nothing their refusal or they will do by the other major powers outside the United States. Puppet dictators which previously engaged in cooperation…

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"Syria Oil War"

Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!

Tunisia and Egypt entered under the control of the armed forces backed by the Pentagon, as a result of popular uprisings in the Greater Middle East. While these two countries are adopting silence, The U.S. current goal is Iran. Iran is the biggest enemy of the United States in the Greater Middle East Project. CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are trying to keep alive the opposition movements in Iran for years. The large demonstrations tested several…

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"Attention to Iran, Bahrain and Turkey!"

United States: Open the Border of Armenia!

The so-called Armenian genocide bill passed from the Foreign Relations Committee of U.S. Yes output in this ballot with 1 differences, by the foot games. This situation exactly seems voting of Turkish parliament to permit U.S. Army before the invasion of Iraq. There is one message which was applied by secret control of US administration: Open your border with Armenia without preconditions put forward about Karabakh and customize normally your relations with it. At this…

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"United States: Open the Border of Armenia!"

Ataturk’s response against to Armenian genocide claims

Novosti-Armenia news agency published a telegram which was sent to Admiral Bristol by Ataturk in March 7, 1920. Ataturk was responding against to Armenian genocide claims in that telegram. “Occupying our lands by allies harmed our people. But we thought that Peace will be provided with the Treaty of Montreux. And we were waiting to change of the situation and that fair and impartial decisions were taken by making peace talks. Those pursuing their own…

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"Ataturk’s response against to Armenian genocide claims"