Daesh (ISIL:ISIS) Project is collapsing.

Daish (ISIL) Project which was established to collect the Radical Islamists who rose after the 1980s at certain strategic areas, to fight against their enemies (other Sunni groups) and to disband those who threatened them by MI6, Mossad and CIA with the logistic help of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf countries and with the approval of Russia and Syrian regime due to its interests, is now in a deadlock

First, World Islamism is no longer producing militants for Daish Organization. Neither from the West nor from the East has almost zero entry into the Daish Terrorist Organization. At present, the Daish Terrorist Organization, which is present in Syria, Afghanistan, Sinai and Central Africa, is trying to continue its war against Muslims for Western interests.

The only country that finished the Daish terrorism in the Middle East is Turkiye. The US, Russia and the Assad Regime, who are already supporters of the Daish Project, keep the Daish threat on a constant agenda. The US carried most of the Daish militants to Afghanistan and Libya, who lost their effectiveness in Syria. The Syrian regime is now struggling to clear the Daish militants in Yarmuq and Qadem district, just south of Damascus. In the desert area between Tanif and Deyrozor, the Daish presence is continuing with the support of Tanif bases of the USA. The United Kingdom and the United States are sometimes using the Daish militants under their control against Russia and Syria.

The Daish Terrorist Organization has undertaken in the Islamic world in areas that will protect the interests of the West. Indeed, the Daish Terrorist Organization, which is allowed to exist in Sina to block Gaza and fight Hamas, is still active here. The Egyptian government had great hopes for those who opposed him in the line of the Muslim Brotherhood to join Daish, but the Egyptian Religious Groups and Scholars described Daish as an External Group (AlHarijiyyah). More than 200 militants were killed along with Nasir Ebu Zakul, Daish Central Officer, while the Egyptian army lost 33 soldiers.

The presence of Daish in Afghanistan is a complete theater. The US is giving great logistical support to the Daish groups that are trying to organize against the Taliban. It is moving some Daish militants with their own helicopters. When Taliban was fighting against Daish groups, The US is bombing Taliban. Nevertheless, the US is completely imprisoned in Afghanistan. US troops are being transported by helicopters even to their bases a few kilometers from the city center.

Daish presence in Libya has almost reached the point of disappearance. The Daish groups, which were unable to shelter in northern Libya, moved to South Libya. Tuaregs (African Turks) which were living there have fought against Daish. Some of them from Daish joined Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Worldwide, an important part of the militants who joined the Daish Organization with their first propaganda and enthusiasm turned to their countries. A small number of those returning to their country have been arrested, and large parts of them have been under arrest. Especially in Syria – Iraq central area, there was a complete defeat, a moral disgrace and a mess. Teenager girls who are pregnant from the Daish militants who come to the region and marry religion marriages are in misery in the various camps.

MI6, Mossad and the CIA are now preparing for the disintegration of the Daish groups and a final strategic war. For those who escape from the Daish centers, hope is overcome by the managers who are left behind, “hide, fall asleep, wait.”

However, for all other Islamic groups in the world, the Daish Terrorist Organization is now stigmatized as External (Harijiyah). Therefore, it will be very difficult to regroup and revive this project.

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