The Kurdish Strategy of The United States

Now everyone agrees plan to establish a Kurdish state by the Western World in the Middle EastKurdish federations which will be established on the territory of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will be the political foundations of the United Kurdish State on the Middle East.

Iraqi Kurdish Federation which state was not officially has been established de facto. It has been in existence with its own army, treasury, flag, the state mechanism and all the elements.

The second weak link of the region is Kamishli Haseki Kurdish region of Syria. Now the West is trying to strengthen this region and in bringing about an autonomous structure.

The owner of the Greater Kurdistan Idea mainly is the United Kingdom. We all know that Britain’s efforts on this issue since 1850 until the Second World War years. Following the Second World War, this idea was adopted by the United States, Major Ally. After this date, the United States directly or indirectly has supported the Kurdish groups in the region and has preserved them for years. Barzani and Talabani continue their duties as loyal governors of the United States. Now, the Kurdish governor of Syria has been identified.

We have to analyze the Kurdish Strategy of The United States in Syria and we very well need to make policies accordingly. The overall message given to the world public opinion that the U.S. and Western pressure and provoke Turkey on invading Syria. But recent developments show that it is not the case at all. Experts about in this field know anciently that the PKK strong among the Syrian Kurds. However, there are many psychological objectives behind the threat of the PKK which is fomenting the forefront in Syria. The Kurdish strategy of the United States can be summarized as follows:

  1. Directing to PKK the threat of military intervention of Turkey against Syria and leaving limited with the PKK.
  2. To avoid Turkey’s military intervention against Syria, to prevent establishing a general dominance and taking under protection of Turkey on Syria and particularly on Turkish regions.
  3. With a possible intervention of Turkey, to break power of the PKK and to strengthen the Kurdish policy led by Barzani.
  4. With the threat of a Kurdish State, to sit on conciliation Turkey and the PKK and to expedite a political solution.
  5. In parallel with a political settlement with the PKK in Turkey, to eliminate separation of power between the PKK and Barzani and to combine them under a single leadership.
  6. Exactly as in Halabja massacre, to wait the growth of a little more the massacres which carried out by al-Assad administration and to expect an atmosphere of an intervention by the U.S.

There are the main targets of the Kurdish Strategy of the United States. For this reason, it does not want to military intervention in Syria by any country.  If to be made an intervention, it must be suitable with the U.S. strategy and should be limited only with the threat of terrorism.

If we had move along with the United States in the 2003 Iraq invasion, our political situation would not be different from Iraq. The Kurdish presence in Turkey will be stronger, political divisions will turn into conflict and it will be ruled Turkey by the regional governors of the United States.

We need to rethink our experience in Iraq. In this context, the overall regional strategy of the Turkish state must be as follows:

  1. We must be come out against ethnic and religious divisions in Syria as in Iraq.
  2. We should not be allowed a separate Kurdish region in the buffer zone that may occur in northern Syria.
  3. We should be avoided a military campaign only the PKK in the Kurdish region as psychological. The military operation should be planned to benefit the whole of the Syrian people.
  4. We should be established liaison with all the opposition groups opposed the partition of Syria and we should be assistance them.

 The United States strategies which are evolving after 11 September 2001 has always been hostile toward Turkey. For this reason, it is time to question political relationship with the U.S. administration also as a de facto. Our main partner is Russia not the United States in the resolving problem of Syria. Our new strategic goal should be the Asia which is growing fields of energy, oil resources and trade. The United States policies and the European Union gradually collapsing will not benefit Turkey. Universal and humanistic goals of the United Nations and NATO took a big scar.

We need a strong new leader to carry us this goal.

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