The United States betrayed its allies throughout history!

The United States harmed its allies more than their enemy countries. This situation is causing a big disappointment and hostility among educated and uneducated people from all strata in all pro-Western Islamic countries. In a sense, The United States is fighting but the Russia is winning at last.

After the Second World War, NATO was established against the Soviet Union and created Islamic Line of Defense from Pakistan to Egypt. The United States betrayed these allies in some way later.

In Afghanistan, The United States was friendly with the Mujahideen against the Soviet invasion in the 1980s. The Mujahideen defeated Russians and They conduced to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The United States turned back to the Mujahideen and began friendship with the Taleban. After the mid-1990s, it became hostile towards the Taliban.

In Pakistan, The United States supported military coups against both Taleban in Afghanistan and Khomeini in Iran. Religious schools and sects largely increased in Zia ul Haq era. When he continued to develop nuclear weapon, he had quarrel with the United States. In 1988, he died together with the Ambassador of the United States in a plane crash.

In Turkiye, The United States also supported military coups against the Russia and Iran. After the 1980 Military Coup, Religious groups and sects quickly increased in Turkiye. The United States fell into disagreement with the management of the Turkish Armed Forces in the 2000s and began to support the Islamists. The Management of the Turkish Armed Forces was purged. After the 2010s, The United States was hostile to Islamists.

In Egypt, The United States was a close friend with Anwar Sadat in the 1970s. When Sadat was murdered, Hosni Mubarak became a new friend with The United States. The U.S. supported Mursi against Mubarak after 2010. It offered two billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood via Soros. When Nasserist Egyptian Army made a military coup, The United States left Mursi alone in a minute.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein brought to power against Khomeini by The United States in 1980 and began Iran – Iraq War. After the War, The United States ended its friendship with Saddam and started cooperation with the Kurds. In 1990, it led first Gulf War and Iraq was invaded.

The United States organized a major Sunni Resistance Movement with Turkiye, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria. When these Islamic groups posed a threat to the security of Israel, The United States limited cooperation with Turkiye, Qatar and Saudis.

The United States has failed in Afghanistan and stuck with in Bagram Air Base north of Kabul. The United States suffered heavy military casualties in Afghanistan even in 2014, it was expertly hidden from the public.

The United States has also failed in Iraq and is trying to hold on to the north of Iraq. It fell out with its old friends and it is collaborating with PKK, Barzani Management in Iraq and with Assad in Syria.

Egyptian President Sisi was in the Russia and signed many strategic cooperation agreements. Neither Community of Turkiye nor the world hear this news.

In Gaza, 500 children nearly died in the last period. When only one Israeli child died, Netanyahu vowed revenge and ended peace talks.

Turkmen city of Kirkuk was occupied by the Kurdish Barzani. More than 100 thousands of Turkmen have left from their houses in Telafer city. When only five thousands of Kurdish Christians left from their homeland, The United States began air operations. It became friend with PKK terrorist organization. Pope donated one million dollar for Kurdish Christians. In contrast, public union all over the world closed their eyes to Palestine.

All humanity should take place on the side of those who was killed, massacred or exiled. The friendships and alliances should be based on the universal law not on the interests. Those who stand up for an American journalist, should not distinguish between thousands children and women who were killed in wars.

The United States, on the one hand shut its eyes to the death of thousands of Muslims, on the other hand it is waiting to fight from Muslims who are trained in camps in Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for its own interests.

Only ten years ago, mass media could be controlled and censored. Now, all the secrets has been disclose on the internet. Dictators is banning internet to hide their crimes some times. The United States need to ban to hide some facts.

The United States who betrayed its allies, is getting lonely day by day. The greater the truth the greater the libel. The United States are swiftly losing the Islamic world and Muslims.

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