The Western Countries are watching the Russia’s massacres!

Russia has sped up its civilian massacres in Syria. Putin’s Management which takes heart from the silence of the Western world, is attacking against settlements, aid convoys, the Red Crescent points and market places. More than a hundred civilians are massacred in over the past week. The slaying of an entire family with children in Binnish city was very tragic.

Despite the heavy bombardment of the Russians, Assad and Iranian soldiers could not win a major success in any front. In this case, Putin is getting mad. Russian army is using the cluster bombs and chemical-tipped missiles (phosphor bombs) that are prohibited in the international law. The United States and the Western countries are watching the Russia’s massacres such as in the occupation of Ukraine and Crimea.

Putin’s heavy attacks will blow out the peace winds in the region. Thus, the Russian hatred is increasing especially among Turks and Muslim communities. There are no countries that have approved the Russian attacks except Iran and Hezbollah. China said that the bombardments needs to stop in the region. According to Radio Azadliq; In Turkiye and Russia tension, Former Soviet republics either stayed silent or gave the messages of peace. Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan which have a coast on the Caspian Sea, mentioned their displeasure behind closed doors a few days ago in Iran meeting.

The bad blood against Putin’s administration is clearly explained in the websites of Turk and Muslim countries, social media accounts and discussion forums. Some people are using “Adolf Putin” for the Russian president and some are also using a very heavy statements for the Russian government.

The hatred of Turkic people, 350 million, that are living in the border countries of Russia Federation, and of about 1,5 billion Muslim community –except Iran and Iraq Shiites- against Putin management is increasing day by day.

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