Intelligence Wars in Asia

Intelligence Wars between Russia and United States – British Partnership has accelerated in recent days. After that Obama explained his 2010 targets, the strategic cooperation between the CIA and MI6 had been renewed and strengthened.
The main goal of the Strategic Cooperation of CIAMI6 was used the pro-Western Islamist groups against Russia. For this reason, Israel was excluded from this partnership, due to it’s uncompromising attitude in the Middle East.
UK conducts and plans relations with the Islamic groups and organizations because of no image of the U.S. in the Muslim world. With beginning of 2010, some non-governmental organizations whom are controlled by the UK began a broad operations in Islamic world. Ideas and methods of pro-Russia Islamist organizations such as al-Qaida are criticized while the pro-Western Islamist groups and organizations are supported by them. While planning is done by MI6 and financing is made by the CIA with the support of the Middle East oil companies.

The United States and Britain which didn’t gain an important political and military success, has stepped up the intelligence and the terror war.

As is known, pro-US governments had stronger in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan through the efforts of Soros. However, in the last few years, this orange revolutions has lost their effects. While Russia is regaining its power in Asia, the United States and Britain failed to show significant success in the Afghanistan war launched again.
The United States and Britain which didn’t gain an important political and military success, has stepped up the intelligence and the terror war. Chechen groups which are liaison with MI6 staged suicide attacks in the subway of Moscow. Russian Intelligence responded to it with explosions near the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan. Then, new explosions occurred in front of the embassy of Iran, Germany and the Egyptian in Baghdad. Russia overthrew the leader of orange revolution in Kyrgyzstan today. Bakiyev backed the West fled to South in where Hizbu’t Tahrir which is related with MI6 is strong. He probably moved from there to the West. The events in Kyrgyzstan can lead to a conflict between North and South Kyrgyzstan.
In this period, civil unrest still continues in Turkey. The Government of Turkey is making preparations an important strategic cooperation agreement with Russia. Turkish – Armenian relations that is continuing with the U.S. pressure is in a complete deadlock. In such an environment, as Turkey, we can stay in the middle of a major conflict. Intelligence war can also shift to Turkey and Western countries.

April 10, 2010: Relations between Russia and Poland was in a softening in recent years. Plane crash in Poland would lead to tense these relations. This situation can be considered as an answer of the U.S. response to Russia about the revolution in Kyrgyzstan.

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