The future of Syria and the Middle East

Sequential revolutions continue in the Greater Middle East Project. Situation in Libya a little slowed down the process of this revolution. When the internal forces were unable to achieve success, NATO stepped in at that time. But, the power struggle between France and Turkey is blocking the effectiveness of NATO. If needed, France, Britain and the United States aim to overthrow Gaddafi with continental military force but Germany and Turkey is opposed to it.  But this is a fact that Gaddafi will be overthrown sooner or later.

Syria is a very important point in this sequential revolution process. Syria which led by Hafez al-Assad was a line anti-Western and pro-Soviet since the 1970s. After the 1980s Syria has developed the economic and political relations with Iran and China. Between Russia, China, Syria and Iran still have a very close co-operation. Syria is buying significant military equipment from Russia and China. Also Iran indirectly helping Syria with serious economic aids in the field of tourism and trade. Iran is sending military and logistical supplies to Hezbollah and Hamas through Syria.

Drug trafficking from Afghanistan and Iran to the West was an important source of income for Syria government for many years. It was known that Syrian Intelligence (Muhaberat) and the military administration had an important role in smuggling of ancient artifacts and drugs for many years. Also Syria was very important training center for terrorist organizations which is anti-Western and Turkey.

Ghazi Kenan was a director of intelligence who is playing a crucial role in this regard in recent years. Kenan who is a member of Nusayri sect as well as Syria managers became commander of the Syrian Military Intelligence in Lebanon in 1982. Ghazi Kenan‘s headquarters in Lebanon was Anjar town where is living Armenian people and ASALA was founded here. When Ghazi Kenan wants to pass to Lebanon, He was using its own private mountain road and He was coordinating the activities of terror in Lebanon. He was one of the most significant who is directing ASALA and PKK terrorism against Turkey for years. Ghazi Kenan who is remaining in this position until 2002, was appointed the Minister of the Interior by Bashar Assad in 2004 after the death of Hafez Assad. Ghazi Kenan was behind the assassination of President Rafik Hariri in 2005. However UN Research Commission had made him responsible with Rustem Ghazali for his assassination.

We can say after this summary information that the overthrow of the Syrian government perhaps is the most important phase of the Greater Middle East Project. The Syria Nusayris government which based 12% of the population will use of each method against rebels. The riot fire which is previously began in the south of Damascus among minorities such as Kurds, Druze, etc. will continue in country-wide. Rebellions will continue to slow in cities such as Latakia, Hama, Homs and Aleppo and Syrian administration will suppress bloody this rebellions. When the rebellions start in Haseki (Kurdish) region, let us know that the fire of revolution will be burned in Syria.

No one will hear Iran’s very weak voice and Turkey‘s mediation attempts will not be effective. The most important issue affecting the fate of Syria will be the violent behavior of Hamas and Hezbollah. But Hamas’s decision to take temporary truce with Israel is very interesting. This situation is also considered evidence of establishment a secret alliance between Hamas and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Organization. If Hezbollah thinking that Syria‘s Islamists will be strengthened in the future, it will remain silent in this process. We will see these improvements over time.

But we must say that the Syrian node which is the center of problems in the Middle East for years will be solved. U.S. and Israel believe that Syria management away from Russia and China is better than the current situation.

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