Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy

I want to look at Jerusalem Issue in a very different way. As is known, the foundation of the Israeli state started in political and military support of Great Britain and it established after the German Jewish massacre in World War II.

Israel was planned as a Mediterranean gateway for the Middle East Energy resources by the English school. For the German school, it was the main idea of ​​the Muslim-Jewish conflict. The idea of ​​Jewish Political Zionism suddenly revived, following the discovery of oil In the 1850s and Azeri and Middle Eastern oil in the 1870s. For all the European countries – as the Jewish Zionist leaders says – “Jews were a tumor that had to be removed from them”. In fact, the ideal of Political Zionism under the leadership of Theodor Herzl reached its goal after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the death of Atatürk. Abdulhamid had turned down the request for landing Jews in Palestine in talks with Herzl. In the last period of the Ottoman Empire,  the British which was beware of Ataturk who served in the Palestinian territory an Jerusalem, could not take a step in favor of Israel. Immediately after the death of Atatürk in 1938, Peel Sharing Plan abandoned and all the major cities of Palestine given to the Jews.

In fact, there have been no serious battles between Muslims and Jews throughout history. Even in the Medina period, the two religions lived in the same territories within mutual agreements. Actually, Jews were not seen as enemies in the Islamic world and the Middle East after those years. The mosques, the synagogues and the churches were built within walking distance of each other.

As is known, for many centuries the Crusades were made for Christianity, not for Judaism. Throughout history, the Turks have been an obstacle to these attacks and have kept the region in peace for 400 years. The Muslim Jewish hostility, which began in the 1900s, is the historical mastery of the crusader mind, which could not capture the region. Christian philosophy, which is integrated with capitalism and imperialism, makes it easier to achieve the aims in this chaos of the Muslim Jewish conflict. In the Sunni Shiite clashes, Iranian Israeli tensions, and Muslim Jewish hostility, Islamic countries have entered the arms race, bought trillions of dollars’ worth of weapons from the West, killing each other in their countries and opening political and economic spheres to Western countries.

Trump who elected by German-Americans, continues the politics of German school and Christian imperialism. Never forget that the Vatican is also in control of the German school. Netanyahu and his political base, Ashkenazi, are mainly in the service of the German school. Therefore, with the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital, the Muslim-Jewish conflict, which is the aim of the German Christian school, will reach the summit and Netanyahu will politically annex Jerusalem, as the main target of political Zionism.

The US Arab ARAMCO alliance led by Saudi Arabia was destroyed by the release of Jerusalem. In Lebanon, the Front, which was created against Hezbollah, is scattered. The struggle to unite Palestinian groups has ended and soon new revolts will begin.

On the basis of the Muslim Jewish Enmity, the tendencies of radicalization in the Islamic world will increase and new colonial grounds will be created for US and Western imperialism.

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