Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy

I want to look at Jerusalem Issue in a very different way. As is known, the foundation of the Israeli state started in political and military support of Great Britain and it established after the German Jewish massacre in World War II. Israel was planned as a Mediterranean gateway for the Middle East Energy resources by the English school. For the German school, it was the main idea of ​​the Muslim-Jewish conflict. The idea of…

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"Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy"

Muslim & Jewish Conflict must end!

There are the imperialist interests and aims at the basis of the conflict between Muslims and Jews as in the history of the Crusades. These two communities who were in peace until the Second World War, are perceived as two nemeses. Muslims and Jews lived side by side in the same cities and in the neighborhoods during Ottoman period, almost 500 years. Synagogues and mosques were within walking distance. They are doing business and neighborhood…

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"Muslim & Jewish Conflict must end!"

The Actual Reasons of Radical Islam!

The photo above sums up the current state of the Islamic world. Boko Haram which is an Islamic terrorist organization in Nigeria, kidnapped 200 female students last month. They have girls, all of them are dressed in linen, prayer Fatiha Verse. Also, the meaning of “Boko Haram” is that Western education is sin. Here is today’s Islamic world: The Arabic Quran Education has been settled in the center of their life. Learning Arabic Quran without…

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"The Actual Reasons of Radical Islam!"