The Twentieth Book of Manaz: Iraqi Kurdistan Law

The Twentieth Book of Dr Manaz was published. You can read the book’s basic texts in English and Turkish from the Free Sample section on Google Play. In short, the book’s subject is as follows:

The Iraqi Kurds’ decision of independence is clearly contrary to the declaration of the Iraqi State that was accepted by the UN and to international law. The federal law, which the Kurds regarded as the right earned, is determined by the military coups and is anti-democratic. Temporary Constitutions which were prepared at the end of the Military Cherubs and occupations conquered the democratic rights of nations outside the Arabs and Kurds. Claiming federation or independence through armed insurrection and occupation means the disintegration and destruction of Iraq. In such a case, a new Iraqi State will be formed and all nations and especially Turkomans living in Iraq can demand a federation.

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