Netanyahu’s Last Battle

The most important development in the last Palestine & Israel war was the results of opinion polls regarding the elections to be held in Gaza and the West Bank. It was clearly understood that the Fetih Movement would lose both the Presidency and its majority in the Assembly in these elections. This situation alarmed both Palestinian President Abbas and Netanyahu. The first step came from Abbas and postponed the elections to an uncertain date. Then…

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"Netanyahu’s Last Battle"

Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy

I want to look at Jerusalem Issue in a very different way. As is known, the foundation of the Israeli state started in political and military support of Great Britain and it established after the German Jewish massacre in World War II. Israel was planned as a Mediterranean gateway for the Middle East Energy resources by the English school. For the German school, it was the main idea of ​​the Muslim-Jewish conflict. The idea of…

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"Jerusalem Issue is A Crusader Strategy"