USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies

The process of the attacking and slimming of the United States, began in 2003, was ended. Following the failure of the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and Ukraine issues were knotted. Now The United States is taking lessons from its mistakes. One of the most important decisions of American General Staff is that fighting on two fronts at the same time is wrong. However, the global policy is continuing. Russia is resuming strengthening the…

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"USA, Germany and Rebellion Strategies"

The West splits, Russia strengthens!

In the last decade, the operations and projects of which were carried out by the United States and Western countries brought many Islamic countries to the point of disintegration. The Arab Spring that will be bring democracy to countries turned the lives of Muslims to winter. The overthrow of dictators in like Libya, Egypt and Tunisia was a breakthrough which long-awaited for decades. But, the colonialism enthusiasm of Western countries flared up again after the…

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"The West splits, Russia strengthens!"

The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!

Supporters of the PKK terrorist organization have celebrated a flashy Nowruz again in the framework of the resolution process that have continued in recent years. This Nowruz was different from previous ones and it has been showing the roadmap and allies of the PKK terrorist organization in the next. Representatives of ETA from Spain and Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organizations from Latin America have attended and their spokesman has given speeches. In the message of Colombian Revolutionary…

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"The PKK terrorist organization is ally with the Latin American Communists!"

Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!

The biggest mistake of the United States in the last half century was its collaboration with Islamists and Kurds. While the alliance with the Islamists is making pro-Western groups hostile to the U.S., its alliance with Kurds turned away the Middle Eastern Arabs from the United States. The United States was successful partially in its short-term plans, but the long-term developments have evolved to the detriment of the United States always. In this regard, Let…

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"Kurdish state would serve the interests of Russia!"

Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!

The civil war which has been happening in Syria in recent years has begun to spread to Iraq in recent days. Also Chaos has spread beyond all of the southern border of Turkey. New actors have appeared in the region following the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in 2012. While Russia tries to stay close to the PKK Kurdish groups, Saudi Arabia is supporting the Sunnis. Barzani is still under the control of the Israeli and…

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"Russian Domination in the Middle East over the next decade!"