Shia Sunni provocations in the Middle East

Along with the month of Muharram, we can say that provocation would increase between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Middle East. A new defense strategy was developed by the West after the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Just over 1 year, we had seen was a battle lasting more than 8 years between Iraq and Iran. A Sunni Shiite conflict doesn’t happen in Iraq. Iran as well as increased activity in the Gulf countries and Iraq.
After September 11, the military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan ended with failure in the long run.
Despite provocations between Sunnis and Shiites in many years did not occur a deep separation of sect in Iraq. Sunni and Shiite groups going to cooperate against the Kurds and the liberals who collaborate with the West.
The struggle using the Tajiks and other ethnic groups against the Taliban in Afghanistan did not reach the purpose of still. While westerners are looking this conflict at in terms of religious and ethnic groups but many groups in Afghanistan think the interests of the Christian in the basis of the conflict. Indeed, Pakistan which lives reflection of the conflict has the highest level of Western hostility. Many of the groups who oppose the Taliban, is helping the Taliban against the Western powers when it comes the point of prefer. Pakistan always sided with the Taliban against the West and will continue to this.

The two-faced policy of the United States and Britain which are Architects of this strategy emerges in the inner riots called Arab Spring. The support given to the Sunni Islamist groups in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, was not given the Shiite opposition in Bahrain and Yemen. On the contrary, the forces of Saudi Arabian which is the financial supporter bloodily suppressed these rebellions.

The same game also is played Syria, stubbornly. The current Syria government which is pro-Russian belongs to minority Shiite Nusayri which accounts for 12% of the population. More than 60% of Syria consists from the Sunni groups. The only way to change management in Syria: a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites.
The separation of ethnic and religious policies carried out in Turkey in the last ten years serves to the same purpose: to increase feelings of resentment and hatred between ethnic and religious groups and to ensure a cultural divide before the physical division in next.
Anyone can predict that an air offensive against Iran by the United States and its allies would lead to a big fire in the coming years.

We also have to remind some states forgotten in this solicitation. Once upon a time, Germany which is the largest ally of Iran always remains its secret relationship with the Shiite groups in the region. It still has not abandoned its dreams of Iran and Mesopotamia which comes from the First World War. Also France has the nostalgic dreams about Syria and Lebanon.
Between these goals and dreams, The New Ottoman Strategy of Turkey will not go further than an adventure. The Pan-Islamist and Pan-Turkic policies which are supported by Germany against Britain for many years disintegrated the last Ottoman empire and its management who moving away from realism. Now, the Union policy of Sunni Islam which is supported by the U.S. and Britain is going to pervert Turkey to disaster. The ideals of equality, human rights and real democracy will be sacrificed to imperialist interests.

However, let us know that every desires of the West will not happen, as ever in the history. Of course, the repressive regimes in Iran and Syria will collapse one day. However, without becoming continuous internal conflicts for many years and losing life of hundred thousand people, Muslims…

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