One more step to Great Disaster…

The internal revolt and provocations continues in Syria. No more changing situation in the region where Turkey does not want to act alone and the U.S. and the West also feared from an armed intervention in Syria.
However, there are important improvements which have the United States and Western’s true policies for the region. I mentioned in the previous article: the real reason of the war is petrol. The most important oil pipeline which carrying oil to the Mediterranean from the Middle East pass through Syria. Two major pipeline from Mosul to the Mediterranean connecting to ports of Tartus and Latakia. Length of oil pipelines approximately are 1,300 kilometers. Syria is a country that exports oil of $ 3 billion per year.
However, immediately it’s downstream, there is also an oil pipeline which entering the territory of Syria and connecting the Mediterranean Sea through Lebanon. Therefore, Tripoli, Lebanon city as a part of the same arrangement.
Another very important feature of Tripoli is a fully Ottoman City which has predominantly Sunni population. For this reason, the provocations continuous between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims (Nusayri) in some neighborhoods of Tripoli. The main aim is to move these conflicts towards Tartus and Latakiya. This is only way to reach success of the U.S. and the West’s Syria Plan.
If Syria regime changes, also it will be re-shaped the region. In this case, Lebanon Tripoli area can be included in the new Sunni Syria State. In fact, Tripoli is separate region from Lebanon as culturally and geographically. When you go down to the south from Tripoli, the Christian district starts in limits of Beirut. If Tripoli leaves from Lebanon, also Christians will feel a lot of in the North.
It is scheduled that Rebellion in Syria will continues until Obama re-elected. After the U.S. elections, the region could become a big ball of fire again.
One of the most important goals of reconstruction in the region is to manage the Mosul oil by a safe ally and to move to the Mediterranean. In this way, the U.S. and the Western countries which living in the Gulf will bear Iraqi oil to Mediterranean through these pipelines.
This situation is also end of regional requirement for Turkey. The next step is to build United Kurdish Federations. Turkey will be forced to give a federal structure for Southeast by the New Constitution or internal revolts. That is the United States and the West Plan. But time will tell what future of the region will become.
If the U.S. gets defeat after Afghanistan and Iraq, it will be the beginning of the retrieve of the U.S. and Western Empire from the summit. The U.S. economy is already in poor condition. Also Europe dealing with defeats the biggest economic crisis in the history.
Raoul Pal, the former director of Global Macro Found says: “The global economy is headed in the absolute wrong direction. The biggest economic shock the world has ever seen and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.
These developments also have historical importance for Turkey. If Turkey Rulers do not see these facts, it will be a major disaster both for themselves as well as Turkey…

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