The Terror Can Burn Anyone!

The fighting of two armed groups with each other is a war. The carrying out an attack of an armed person or group against unarmed people is  a terror. In this respect, any state can be a terrorist such as a person or group.

The United States encountered the largest terrorist attack after 11 September. A terrorist who was of afghan origin, killed 50 civilians in Orlando. The deaths which were regardless of sect and ethnicity, are innocents.

Radicalism is a psychological condition before being ideological. A person who succumbs to anger and hate, can be stopped by only itself.

A person can carry out an individual terrorist attack without a direct link with any terrorist organizations. Today, only the relationship between many radical personalities and terrorist organizations is the only media. This situation is the biggest threat to all countries and people.

ISIS Terrorist Organization is the most important example of this new attack period. The organization has been using only media about both the supplying of new militants and the guidance of its believers to terror attacks with no direct connection.

ISIS has many new features which were not found in any Islamic group before. The organization from their flag, clothes, education and media capabilities to their philosophy and strategy is a studio study.

The United States has a great responsibility in the development of ISIS Terrorist organization. We believe that the ISIS Terrorist Organization is set up to show military presence in the strategic regions by the US and the UK. There have been many evidences and reasons that prompt we to believe it. We wrote this evidences in the separate article.

Today, big states particularly the United States and Russia are continuing to use terror organizations as a method of warfare in the strategic regions that they cannot present of armed forces.  The ISIS Project which was emerged at a time following secret negotiations between the United States and Russia, has served the strategic interests of these countries. The United States, Russia and The United Kingdom have the ISIS Terrorist Organization to thank for their military presences in the region.

These countries have forgotten the most dangerous part of this threat. The Controlled Threat that they allowed its formation, become A Uncontrolled Threat today. Many radical persons who learned philosophy of the terrorist organization through information media, have become lose cannon and suicide bomber who cannot be controlled.

Media and communication technologies have shrunk the world. Even a simple news from the most remote corners of the world, can reach all humanity in a few hours.

The World has changed. Now, the states should stay away from being a bad example such people.

If a state continues to do injustice relying on its weapons and power, it will fuel the people’s hatred. While the dozens of innocent civilians have been killing with Russian aircrafts and barrel bombs in Syria since months, the world is silent.

In short, all states especially the United States and Russia should stop using the terrorist organizations to achieve their aim. Military interventions should be made with the legitimate institutions in the rules of law and justice.

The most important reason for the collapse of human and states is injustice.

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