We Don’t Believe Obama!

United States President Barack Obama!

You know that; you have lost entirely Turkish Nation who has supported the Western alliance since 1950s and is the largest force of NATO in Europe and Asia. We wish we hadn’t sacrificed our lives for you in Korea.

After the latest bloody coup, we don’t believe your lies without turning red in your face.

We know better now the following truths:

  • In the first hours of the coup, you almost wished that the coup should be bring stability and restraint. “After became apparent that coup plotters were failed, you supported Turkiye’s democratic institutions and in the meantime warned about “the rule of law”. Don’t worry, we don’t occupy countries and we don’t kill millions of people. We don’t have many secret prisons and torture centers in any country. Try as you might to deny it, we believe that you are behind of this blood coup attempt.
  • In fact, all coups after 1960 were your masterpiece. You scared us with Communism threat for years, you rob us with your arms companies and you blocked our technological development.
  • If you remember, “Your Children” had done September 12 Military Coup. Someway “Your Children” arrested only Nationalists, Revolutionists and National Vision Movement members and they didn’t touch your religious communities.
  • You had met with the Smiling Devil (Fethullah Gulen) in the 1970s. When Khomeini set foot in Iran in 1979, you put Your Moderate Mahdi Gulen to the stage. The name of the community’s famous magazine was “Sızıntı” (Leak) and it started to publish in February 1979.
  • Immediately after the September 12 Coup, your One Dollar Followers (Turks say this: picayune) began to steal the exam questions in military schools and academy. From 1981 you started placing your men to the Turkish Armed Forces.
  • In 1980s, you protected your community and Gulen Devil with your fans Turgut Ozal’s political support. Your Kurdistan Plan failed due to the protesting of Older Generations Soldiers in this period.
  • After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, you began your Great Middle East Project. You have killed all political leaders and important journalists who will bring the problem in future, in the first half of 1990s.
  • You used the Turkish Armed Forces in the Gulf Wars. You set us watchman for your Kurdish allies in order that they don’t fight.
  • On February 28 Coup, you misled Turkish Army Commanders and you expelled many nationalist and conservative officers with a few Gulen followers. After Coup, Gulen Community showed the biggest improvement. You put your Community to Turkish political life.
  • After 2000s, Turkish people and Old Commanders started to know your secret aims. We did not share your occupation plan to Iraq in 2003.
  • You didn’t know what to do with your rage. You throw a hood over a small piece of Turkish soldiers’ head in Iraq. If this special army group fought with your soldiers, they could kill a hundred your soldiers. Hence, Iraqi people also throw a hood over your army head in Iraq. You lost 4500 soldiers and withdrew.
  • Since 2004, you started to psychological operations against all national elements in Turkish Armed Forces. Your Children machinated to the Turkish officers with all kinds of theft, fraud, deceit and betrayal formed. You sent your best experts to Turkiye and they guided these compasses. You trained Your Children in the United States.
  • All key institutions such as the judiciary and police, education systems almost occupied by your children. They received their instructions from their Mehdi Gulen who has been protecting for years by you in Pennsylvania.
  • You opposed to all independent project of the Turkish defense industry. You tried to steal some important weapons and killed many Turkish engineers.
  • After 2009, you pressed the button to eliminate Tayyib Erdogan who doesn’t follow your instructions. Your Children had killed Muhsin Yazicioglu that you proposed him to take over for Erdogan but you took his reply oathfully.
  • After 2010, you have made a series of provocations to drag Turkiye’s Kurdish citizens to revolt. You misled Turkish Army in Uludere, it’s possible that Your Children achieved a great job.
  • In December 17 2013, you wanted to kill Our President and to overthrow the current government. On December 25, you tried to cut aids that was going to Syrian Opposition Groups who have been trying to prevent the Kurdish Corridor in Northern Syria. Your Children Plan to kill Our President failed.
  • Except that to help Turkiye for its war on terror, you supported PKK Terrorist Organization. You didn’t fire a gun this terrorist organization in Iraq for years. You have been getting into a partnership with PYD Terrorist Organization that is training new militants to PKK Terrorist Organization.
  • You made a big effort to pit Turkiye against Russia in Syria. On the one hand while you have been provoking Russia by making promise to give Latakia and Aleppo; on the other hand, you conduced toward the shooting down of Russian aircraft. We have started to believe that this was your and Your Children plan. You didn’t want the entering of Turkiye to the Syria and Iraq.
  • Whenever Turkiye decided to restore its relationship with Russia, it downed on you! Now you have been offering many bribes to Russia.
  • The last change for you to stop Turkiye was this NATO coup. You put this bloody coup plan into action without blinking your eyes.

Now you are lying openly. We don’t believe you. We see you as responsible for all of this.

Russia that you turned us against it, was more honest and friendly from you. When Russian aircraft downed, we understood that even NATO wouldn’t defense us. NATO was off the grid in our worst day. We know that it is trying to protect the coup plotters escaped to Greece now.

240 civilians have been killed by Your Children’s warcrafts, gunships and tanks. The Sheikh of these killers is in your country, in Pennsylvania.

This event was your latest and greatest betrayal against us. The Turkish Nation and the Turkish youth will never forget this betrayal.

You might have new plans and provocations against our country. But keep in your mind that, with the losing of Turkish People, you will lose not only Turkiye but also the Middle East and Asia.

We are Turks, not the Middle Easternian or Texan.

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