The Conflict of Islamist Parties in the Middle East

A major new area of conflict arises in the Greater Middle East Project accelerating with the Pentagons’ Arab Spring plan: The power struggle between the Islamist groups.

In brief, Those conducting the Greater Middle East Project are aiming to bring democracy to the region where Muslim countries from Morocco to Iran. However, only within the limits set by the United States. The parties and even dictators who are pro-US can be left in place; but the parties and groups who opposed to the U.S. are exactly anti-democratic. There is another fact: the Sunnis stands for democracy, but Shiites are the enemy of democracy and even are not counted as Muslims.

The parties based on religion are banned from the elections in Libya and Egypt in this week. These groups go to meet the United States and Islamist movements supporting its. The larger Islamist groups who cooperate with the U.S. are the strongest candidates for the power. Nahda Movement in Tunisia and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are becoming stronger. The most important allies of the United States and the West are the Sunni Islamist Movements in Syria and other Islamic countries. The Allies do not have a common moral and philosophical thought. The single point merging is common political and economic interests.

At the end of our article, we’ll state that the new strategy of the United States causes substantial harm in the long term. First of all, we bring some clarity to the subject.

There were three important country are against to the United States and the West in the Middle East: Libya, Syria and Iran. After failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, A new military action was not possible to these countries. If a change occurs, it should have a common enthusiasm and plan in the whole Arab world. Indeed, Morocco is passed and the Arab Revolt is started from Tunisia as controlled. Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf countries were excluded from this change. Now the next target is Syria. However, to overcome this obstacle will be a little difficult and prolonged.

During the Cold War, the United States and the West were able to establish an ideological group against the Soviet Union. There was the idea of being against communism and atheism on the basis of this ideology. This idea had combined the Christian and the Islamic world under the same roof. The invasion of Afghanistan was terminated with this ideology. And the Soviet Union was dissolved.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no ideological foundation of the United States and the West. A relationship was established based on economic interest only with the Islamic world. Some Arab countries paid bribes to the West, such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States never made a matter of debate. The most serious human rights violations in these countries were ignored. Saudi Arabia in which women are seen as second-class existence was the closest ally of the United States.

A real democracy was in need for the Islamic world, but its way was not to establish a new theocratic democracy by aligning with the Islamist parties. The reason and science was a way more accurate and easier for closer to the Islamic word.

The main reason affecting the Islamic world was great Western thinkers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato for centuries. Montaigne, Jean Bodin (French), Machiavelli, Hugo Gratius (Dutch), Johannes Althusius (German) and Tommaso Campanella (Italian) tried to save the West from repressive and theocratic Christian understanding of the Middle Ages. Thomas Hobbes, Baruch Spinoza and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz have tried to purify the mind prejudices of religion in 17. Century. John Locke (British), Charles de Montesquieu and Jean Jacques Rousseau (French), Christian Wolf, John Toland, Francois Marie Voltaire and Johann Gottlieb Fichte laid the foundations of western civilization.

United States and the West are no longer breeding great thinkers. Even if there are, the world doesn’t recognize them. The politicians are based on mutual interest see imperialism as the only way out. They benefits from imperialism within a short time, but in the long term it doesn’t provide. Therefore the United States and the West are the process of decline. The moral and philosophical foundations of Western completely destroyed. For this reason, the U.S. strategy in the Greater Middle East Project will be also a major catastrophic.

The basic wrong that may also fail the United States and the West is following: When an Islamic movement is pro-western only; it does not indicate that it is pro-democracy. For Islamists, all contrary opinions and religions are not equal with them. Everyone who do not think like them to be brought out and be in need of improvement. Therefore, the groups that are closest ally with the United States today will be the biggest enemy of the West in the future just as in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This strategy will bring the conflict, blood and tears to both the West and the East. Ethnic and religious conflicts will not bring the peace to the world.

Not too late to think and meet on the basis of ethics and science as well as in Andalusia and the Renaissance…

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